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All-New Marvel Now! Onsale In April 2014

Marvel Comics has been delivering their “Marvel Now!” initiative for over a year now and I wanted to take a moment to share with you readers some of the brand new first issues that we shall be seeing in April of 2014. There is some exciting stuff heading our way with some long known about heavy hitters and some newer takes on the heroes that will continue to keep us on edge.

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I’ve been snipping the descriptions of the titles from the Official Wikipedia entries since that let’s us get a quick premise of the new title and an idea of who the creative team will be on the title. It’s much easier for this particular solicitation purposes. Here we go with the newest first issues from Marvel Comics.

Comic - Amazing Spider-Man 1 - 2014

Amazing Spider-Man: Writer Dan Slott, Artist Humberto Ramos: Peter Parker returns (in body and mind) as Spider-Man. Quipped series writer Dan Slott, “(Parker’s coming back) just in time, fancy that, for a major Spider-Man motion picture. It seems uncanny. It was very nice for Sony to schedule the movie around the story.

Comic - Elektra 1 - 2014

Elektra: Writer Haden Blackman, Artist Mike Del Mundo: Wells said, “It’s about her trying to find herself, through violence, of course. I don’t want to give too much away, but Elektra is given a list of targets to hunt that are even deadlier than her. She becomes a hunter of assassins.

Comic - Hulk 1 - 2014

Hulk: Writer Mark Waid, Artist Mark Bagley: Banner’s status quo will be violently disrupted when new volume of “Hulk” kicks off. Waid said “Banner’s in a VERY bad way physically as the series opens up a few hours after the end of the previous on.”

Comic - Inhuman 1 - 2014

Inhuman: Writer Charles Soule, Artist Joe Maduiera: The series follows the fate of King Black Bolt and his royal family in the aftermath of the Infinity event, in which new Inhumans have sprung up around the globe forcing the once-secret society of the Inhumans into the open. Originally scheduled for January it was later delayed till April, and writer Matt Fraction was replaced by Charles Soule over “creative differences” with Marvel.

Comic - Iron Fist 1 - 2014

Iron First The Living Weapon: Writer Kaare Kyle Andrews, Artist Kaare Kyle Andrews: In the series, Danny Rand returns to K’un-Lun, the mystical city where he was trained, in order to find purpose in his life. Andrews described Rand “as kind of a Bruce Wayne without a plan. He’s despondent. He is not connecting with life, and he doesn’t know why.”

Comic - Nightcrawler 1 - 2014

Nightcrawler: Writer Chris Claremont, Artist Todd Nauck: The series will follow Nightcrawler’s resurrection in the first arc of Amazing X-Men, and will also heavily feature Wolverine. Originally, Nightcrawler was slated to be the next version of X-Men: Legacy; about the subject, editor Daniel Ketchum said, “With all the excitement surrounding Kurt’s return, the enthusiasm from both fans and creators alike, we ultimately decided that this book couldn’t be called anything other than ‘Nightcrawler’.”

My Thoughts: I will say right off the bat that I am very glad to see Peter Parker returning to the role of Spider-Man. Slott is a great writer but he was driving me a little batty with the decision to put Doctor Octopus in the red and blue leotards. I will be picking up this first-issue for sure. Maybe I will even fall back into my purchase of multiple copies like I used to when I was younger. Let’s see what financials are like when it hits the stands. As they said the new Spider-Man film comes out next month so the timing is rather perfect for this level of return. As far as Elektra goes I cannot say that I am all that interested as much as I am for both Iron Fist and Hulk. Each of these heroes needs a movie soon in the new Marvel Cinematic Universe. More so that a proposed Black Panther film which I think will not work at all. Inhuman strikes me as rather interesting because The Inhumans were always a fascinating dynamic in their time and worked so well with The Fantastic Four mythos. Nightcrawler as a new series will be fun because the character has such a liveliness to him that I cannot see it being a bad run. Let’s add the expertise of Claremont to the mix for a sure fire win. What titles are you most interested in this from this month’s new offerings? Which do you give less and an iota of interest in? Let me know in the comments as I’ve left them open for you to do so.

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