“Alive! The Millennium Concert” by KISS

Artist: KISS
Title: “Alive: The Millennium Concert”
Label: Mercury Records
Release Date: 12/21/2008
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

When Universal Music delivered the KISS live concert box set entitled “Alive: 1975-2000” it featured four live concert albums – “Alive”, “Alive II”, Alive III” which lifetime fans of the band already had in their collections and one that fans had long hoped for in “Alive: The Millennium Concert”. For some reason that album as a solitary release was scrapped and we got only a sampling on the bands mammoth historical collection “Boxed Set” which most felt was nothing but a tease. In my review of the larger piece I had this to say about this part of the collection. Read on.

“The Millennium Concert was recorded in front of a record breaking crowd of 45,000 and despite numerous delays and reasons for it not being available yet, the CD would simply vanish from the radar of fans. A couple of tracks made their way to the Boxed Set a couple of years ago, but that would be it. Now as a special bonus surprise the KISS Army gets to enjoy this full release as we had long wanted to. The recording was done during “The Farewell Tour”, which had found a reunited original line up once again in makeup doing their thing to the approval of legions of old and new fans. Sadly, it would also be the final live recording to feature complete original members as Ace would once again leave the bands membership and be replaced by Tommy Thayer”.

My reason for this narrative is based on my noticing how the album can now be purchased in digital form only and since music listening is moving more and more in that direction judging by the continually dwindling presence of the music sections in your local brick and mortar stores. The avid KISS collector in me also felt that by adding it in as content of its own might spark sufficient comments for a rallying cry to the record label and force them to release this as a CD as well. My music library feels incomplete without this and while digital is the wave of the now, there are some of us that like to peruse a physical copy now and then. A closing rationale on bringing this one up is that many of the changes that Gene and Paul have made in KISS over the years have really driven some fans away as they just don’t like Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer in the makeup of Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. I can understand why that would be an issue with them and I am on the fence about it myself but the band does what the band does and we are not asked to vote in on their decisions. Considering how those changes now find the group, this KISS live album is the very last that features the full command of original members and that should find you adding it to your music collection even in the digital sense so you can feel complete. It’s also on the reasonable priced side care of the Amazon.com code that I secured for it.

Though I am not sure why I didn’t reference this in the review of the larger boxed set, this recording is from the bands “Psycho Circus” tour that supported the album of the same name. The band was still on fire after all the reunion touring that was done but as we would learn soon enough the seeds of dissent were being sewn. I liked it and was glad to have heard it on that collection and this is the only manner you can get it if you have opted to avoid said collection. My review of that piece can be examined on THIS LINK.

Track Listing:
1. Psycho Circus
2. Shout It Out Loud
3. Deuce
4. Heaven’s On Fire
5. Into The Void
6. Firehouse
7. Do You Love Me
8. Let Me Go Rock ‘N’ Roll
9. I Love It Loud
10. Lick It Up
11. 100,000 Years
12. Love Gun
13. Black Diamond
14. Beth
15. Rock and Roll All Nite
16. 2000 Man
17. God Of Thunder

Official Website: http://www.kissonline.com

One thought on ““Alive! The Millennium Concert” by KISS”

  1. Mostly on point. However, we are asked to vote on lineup changes with our dollars. Mr. PiercingMetal himself took the picture of me telling Gene and Paul I didn’t like the clone idea. (At a book signing at the old Virgin Megastore.) Gene told me “buy what you like and leave the rest.” So that is how I vote. That being said. The box set is great

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