“Alibis And Ammunition” by Trashlight Vision

Artist: Trashlight Vision
Title: “Alibis And Ammunition”
Label: Rock Ridge Music
Release Date: 7/10/2007
Genre: Sleaze Punk Rock
Rating: 4/5

Trashlight Vision is just what the doctor ordered if your prescription called for some good old fashioned Punk & Roll. Loaded with sleaze and trashy from top to bottom the bands music rolls right off the city streets and saunters onto the stages of the dingiest, darkest clubs in town and from the sound of it I don’t think any of the members mind this at all. The band features Acey Slade on guitar and vocals and he’s most popularly known as a former member of The Murderdolls (the Horror Metal band fronted by the ghoulish singer Wednesday 13). “Alibis And Ammunition” is their debut CD and while it was originally released in the UK back in 2006, it wasn’t until Rock Ridge Music took them on in 2007 that the larger national fan base in the US was able to snare themselves a copy. It opens with “Dead Waves On The Air”, and energetic romp and stomp that’s bound to set you slamming and head banging. “Allergic To You” and “I Cant Wait To Do Nothing At All” keep the momentum going by offering up that pure Punk feel that’s sometimes reminiscent of old Social Distortion. “Screw Worm Baby” bops and weaves and definitely made me view this as a great live tune that gets the entire audience involved with the chorus and fists in the air. When the band gets to “Nola” I felt that they were offering up the most commercially viable tune on the release and this is a number that should have found a safe home on both terrestrial and satellite radio as opposed to the crap that is considered Punk in the mainstream media world nowadays.

Homage to the Punk Gods of the past as the band tries their hand at the Ramones “My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg”. It was a great rendition that didn’t lose any of the original versions appeal and yet still put that TLV twist on it on a number of occasions. I also found it refreshing to find them doing this tunes as opposed to something like “Rockaway Beach” or “I Wanna Be Sedated”. Another song that I rather enjoyed was “My Fuck You 2 U” as it never hurts to have to a tune to direct at those one is annoyed by in life. The other members of the band are Steve Haley (guitar), Roger “Rags” Segal (bass) and Lenny Thomas (drums). Everyone can play and all seemed locked into the vibe of what they are all about as a band. The guys did a great job with it and the production is rock solid and while clean doesn’t lose any of the grit that they portray in their songs. I would have to say that if Punk music with actual balls is on the list of things that make you a better person then this is something that you should find for your collection. The album features explicit lyrics so if you’re easily offended you should get over it and pick up the album anyway. The lyrics are included on the foldout insert and there are a few drawings and photos to enjoy as well.

Update: In September 2007, band leader and singer Acey Slade announced that the band would be breaking up and that Jonny, Rags, Steve and himself would go their separate ways. A quote from his announcement stated that “we met extraordinary people along the way and that they are appreciative of all the blood, sweat, tears, ink and love that was directed at the band by these same people. We wish them all the best in their future musical adventures and are sure we will all hear from them again.

Track Listing:
1. Dead Waves On The Air
2. Allergic To You
3. I Cant Wait (To Do Nothing)
4. Screw Worm Baby
5. Faceplant Pavement
6. My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)
7. Nola
8. My Fuck You 2 U
9. Black Apples
10. New Junk
11. Horns And Halo’s
12. Sick One

Official Website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trashlight_Vision

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