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Airing Tonight: “The Walking Dead” Season 4.5 (2/9/2014)

Have you managed to catch your breath yet after the “holy sh*t!!!!” happenings that we found taking place in the last episode of the first half of “The Walking Dead” Season Four? Well, I sure hope so because its once again time for you to sit on the edge of your seat and examine every corner with scrutiny as the AMC Network begins airing Season Four Part Two this evening. I suggest you prep yourself physically as well as emotionally for the dire challenges that await you and our ragtag band of survivors.

Poster - The Walking Dead S42 - 2014

You might be cross with me for not offering up any series information or character changes from the first half of this season but I am doing so on purpose because believe it or not there are still folks catching up to the game and who have not seen the events that many of us have. The night that the mid-season finale aired, I made sure to stay off of Facebook because I knew that seconds after the final acts that someone, somewhere would be screaming “Wow can you believe that zombie tore Joe Blow apart!!!!” and so on. Since I was out when it started I was playing a game of catch up with my DVR. Now if you have somehow managed to not learn of the happenings good for you. Now its time for you to catch up and rejoice or lament with the rest of us based on the events that transpired. Nope, still not telling but I will say “Wow” just the same. Be sure to check your local listings for times and should you need to line out what happens in the episode, go to an Official Forum or something. Don’t ruin it for your friends. That’s a dick move.

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