Airing Tonight: “That Metal Show” Season 5

They’re at Season Five and still alive, yes oh fans of Mr. Eddie Trunk, tonight will air the first of the latest batch of episodes of VH1 Classics “That Metal Show”.

There are a few things to note about this new season and not only is it following the previous season by only a few short weeks but it has left NYC and headed over to the West Coast of California. My guess is that its a little easier to get those guests who reside out there as opposed to getting them to fly all the way to NYC for a thirty minute program.

Scheduled Guests:
1 – Motörhead: Lemmy Kilmister
2 – Black Label Society: Zakk Wylde
3 – Judas Priest: Rob Halford
4 – Adler’s Appetite: Steven Adler and Chip Z’Nuff
5 – Alice Cooper: Alice Cooper
6 – White Zombie: Rob Zombie
7 – Dokken: Don Dokken and George Lynch
8 – Slayer: Kerry King and Dave Lombardo
9 – Scrap Metal: N/A

Watch Full Episodes HERE if you are curious about it. Comments are open on this post to let us know what you think about the show.

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