Airing Tonight: “Metal Evolution Pt. 6: Thrash”

Let’s speed up that traditional Metal to a few notches and focus on some razor sharp riffing as we get ready to enjoy episode six of “Metal Evolution”, the VH1 Classic Metal documentary by Sam Dunn with their “Thrash Metal” chapter that airs tonight.

In This Episode: How could metal go so horribly wrong? These were the bitter thoughts of scruffy outsiders Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine, Gary Holt and Scott Ian, cursing as the glorious clang of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal echoed across America, only to die in LA. Ratt, Dokken, Quiet Riot – where was the power? Where was the fire in the belly? From this crucible of embarrassment, a virulent strain of metal called thrash was born, the likes of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax wreaking vengeance on hook and melody through a rhythmic discipline of chugging palm-muted guitar riffs and screaming solos executed at breakneck tempos topped by harshly barked vocals laying bare the horrors of nuclear holocaust, drug use, war, and other forms of death. Later in this episode, it is revealed that thrash metal had a major influence on first, the Swedish death metal movement, and later, the creation of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. (taken from Wikipedia).

I’ll tell you that when I first heard Thrash Metal I said “eek” and “not for me” but that changed as the years went by. There is some really awesome stuff and I have covered a great number of Thrash Metal shows over on the main site. We even attended that little “Big Four” event that happened a few months ago at Yankee Stadium. This should be an interesting episode.

Check out these films if you have not done so already.

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