Airing Tonight: “Metal Evolution Pt. 3: Early Metal 2 – UK Division”

They say the third time is the charm so I wonder if they mean that for a series third episode. Not that it matters because after this one we have about eight more to go. That said, tonight will air the third chapter in the incredibly well-received “Metal Evolution” series on VH1 Classic. The show is by Sam Dunn an award winning documentary film maker and tonight’s episode is entitled “Early Metal Part 2: UK Division”.

In This Episode: The UK wasn’t about to cede rock & roll dominance to America continuing with the success of bands that had captivated the U.S. ever since the insanity of The Beatles and the subsequent British Invasion. This documents how early blues-influenced British bands cranked up the amps and used distorted guitars to give the first pre-metal sounds from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and of course Black Sabbath who most consider the first ever heavy metal band and are recognized for laying the blueprints of what became an entire genre of music. Although these bands didn’t identify themselves with the label of heavy metal, that title was later embraced and given a distinct look and sound by Judas Priest. (taken from Wikipedia)

I’m going to say that this episode sure seems fascinating because who among the Metal faithful does not bow their head when some classic Zeppelin and Deep Purple come blasting through the radio and do I even need to bring up the levels of respect that Black Sabbath has garnered? I didn’t think so. Looks like I will be setting the DVR for this one though because I will be at Armored Saint over at The Studio in Webster Hall. That show seems to be a very popular one and that means I need to be there as well.

The widget below presents a whole bunch of recommended Metal and Hard Rock music documentary features. I hope you take the time to peruse and purchase them because they truly enhance one’s entertainment library. See you next week with the next post about the next chapter.

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