Airing Tonight: “Metal Evolution Pt. 10: Power Metal”

Speeding with the thunderous force that drives this kind of Metal comes the penultimate episode of “Metal Evolution” and I am speaking of nothing less than the glorious Power Metal which is one of it not my very favorite genre at the moment. Actually it has been for a number of years now so thank you VH1 Classic for delivering us this Sam Dunn documentary.

In This Episode: Completely alien to the genre, Sam Dunn sets off to find out what it’s all about, and why it’s so unfamiliar to him. Tracing its roots back to Europe, he analyzes the differences between traditional heavy metal and power metal, and identifies power metal’s ties to European classical music and the way in which power metal flourishes with metal festivals such as Germany’s Wacken Open Air and Slovenia’s Metal Camp. Notable interviews include Yngwie Malmsteen, members of Blind Guardian, HammerFall, Helloween, Rhapsody, Kamelot, DragonForce and the band that took Power Metal to number one on the European charts: Finland’s Nightwish (Tuomas Holopainen and former vocalist Tarja Turunen). (as taken from Wikipedia)

This is probably going to be my favorite episode of the series because the world is going to get a glimpse of some fantastic bands and let’s face it, when you live in the states you are not getting the level of exposure to this kind of stuff as much as you would had you lived abroad. Sit back and enjoy the ride my friends and then please do look into some of these groups. Trust me on this.

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