Airing Tonight: “Metal Evolution Part 1: Pre-Metal”

Have any of you seen the fantastic documentary “A Headbanger’s Journey” which was a film by Sam Dunn? Man do I hope so because you really should before delving into this brand new multi-part series that begins airing on VH1 Classic tonight. This is truly a fantastic way to appreciate Metal and the as already discussed “National Metal Day”.

In This Episode: Tracing the origins of metal is a phantasmagoric odyssey that traverses cities and countries, oceans and continents. For Sam Dunn, stop #1 on this heavy metal pilgrimage is the birthplace of Metal’s indisputable progenitor: rock ‘n’ roll. (as taken from Wikipedia)

Are you excited about this show? I know I am and figure that before I get to any review commentary that I will wait until a couple of episodes aired. That will save me a little work as there are eleven proposed chapters.

As there are a number of great films about Metal music and its larger celebrities, I created a code widget in to let you peruse a few solid recommendations. Dig in.

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