Airing Tonight: “Constantine” (10/24/2014)

Fans of DC Comics’ own “Hellblazer” and the relatively new “Constantine” title will be excited to learn that the NBC series “Constantine” will debut this evening. I snagged the logo and show poster for you to dig into and then we can discuss this in a little more detail.

Logo - Constantine - TV Show

The series will focus on John Constantine, a dark magician who is struggling with his past sins as he tries to protect humanity from a gathering supernatural threat. c/o Wikipedia.

Wow that was probably the briefest premise for a television show that I have ever shared with you readers. So yeah, Constantine is a dark mage and pretty much a bit of a knob with the occasional feeling bad about his actions as readers of the titles he has appeared in can attest to. I’ve been reading his often wayward adventures since he first appeared in “Swamp Thing” so many years ago and while “Hellblazer” was often a bit edgy of a read. That title ended with #300 and he resurfaced in both “Justice League Dark” and his own titled “Constantine” book. Fans of the mythos also saw Keanu Reeves portray a non-British, black haired “Constantine” in a feature film which was pretty not good. Let’s see how this new show pans out. I admit he does look more like the character in the poster below.

Poster - Constantine - 2014

Matt Ryan as John Constantine
Harold Perrineau as Manny
Charles Halford as Chas Chandler
Angélica Celaya as Zed Martin
Lucy Griffiths was cast as Liv Aberdine
Joey Phillips and Miles Anderson have been cast as the demon Nergal and Dr. Roger Huntoon
Astra Logue will also make an appearance in the series.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Normally I would have been a little hesitant about the show since it will be airing on NBC but since they have been pushing some boundaries in their “Hannibal” show in terms of the “yikes” factor I will set any worry aside. They even had some “whew” moments in the now cancelled “Dracula” series. What concerns me more is the lack of John Constantine being a smoker on the show. You might have already heard this but if not it is indeed true. John Constantine will NOT smoke or even be seen with a cigarette during this series. Now I am not a smoker, I dislike the smell and presence of second hand smoke and I wish that everyone I knew who did this would quit because the health risks are just too high but that being said I totally want John Constantine smoking a butt in almost every scene. Why? Because this is how the character is. Any image drawn of John shows him with a cig in hand or mouth, its like breaking canon to me. His arrogance is so deep that one can envision him striking his match off the chest of the devil himself or even simply touching a bit of hellfire with an unlit cigarette to get his smoke on. Oh well, I guess the show is trying to show that this is bad by not showing it at all. Let the parents inform on the dangers and leave the character alone. Alright enough on this, my hope is that the stories are gripping and interesting enough along with the fan response so we get more than one season out of it. “Dracula” never stood a chance and it was really well done in my humble media opinion.

Check out the show’s Official Wiki page below but as always be forewarned about any spoiler postings that they might put up if you are a few episodes behind.

Official Show Wiki:

I’ve embedded a wealth of the “Hellblazer” collected editions that DC Comics have released. These are all that are currently available but with the title ending last year with issue #300 I am sure that fans can count on more of them. This is the cheapest and easiest way to fill your library with Constantine’s very chaotic adventures.

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