Airing Tonight: “Comic Book Men” Season 3.5 (2/9/2014)

After being frightened to death by the happenings of tonight’s mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead” you can breathe a little easier and relax to the brewings at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash as the mid-season premiere for “Comic Book Men” will air this evening as well shortly after the zombies have made us their dinner. Have you seen any episodes of this show yet?

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Once again, the premise of the show is the day-to-day happenings that take place in Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash which is Kevin Smith’s comic book shop that is located in Red Bank, New Jersey. At this point in time I have only seen the first two complete seasons but missed the third season so far based on my concert adventuring demands. Yes I forgot to program the DVR and I should be scolded for such insolence. This lapse also cost me the proper enjoyment of “Arrow” Season 2 but I digress. As I’ve noted before about the show there are times when you feel like you are watching a nerdier version of “Pawn Stars” where the customer brings in items that they wish to sell off to the store along with the occasional expert who knows more about a particular piece. There is also a podcast that Smith hosts and the show switches back and forth from the staff talking there and the activity at the comic store. The cast of players remains the same and the show continues along at 30 minutes per episode for the third season.

The Cast:
Kevin Smith – Store Owner and Podcast Host
Walt Flanagan – Store Manager
Mike Zapcic – One of the clerks at the shop
Bryan Johnson – Friend of the staff.
Ming Chen – One of the clerks at the shop

My Thoughts On It: While I am admittedly remiss on the earlier third season episodes I have to say that I ended up enjoying most of the first two seasons and now that the DVR is programmed I should be okay in catching up. My hope is that they air some repeats. It’s a fun ride and if you are a fan of comic books, action figures and other things that go Geek in the night then this is a quick and enjoyable thirty minutes.

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