Airing Tonight: “Comic Book Men” Season 2 (10/14/2012)

Fans of the AMC Original Program and Kevin Smith will be happy to learn that season two of the unscripted reality program “Comic Book Men” airs its premiere this evening. Does this excite you? Were you a fan of it when it made its debut back in February?

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The premise of the show is the day-to-day happenings that take place in Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash which is Kevin Smith’s comic book shop that is located in Red Bank, New Jersey. Having seen a few of the first seasons six episodes I can tell you that there is some similarity to “Pawn Stars” where the customer brings in items that they wish to sell off to the store along with the occasional expert who knows more about a particular piece. In season one they called upon someone to help with a Star Wars item and another for a Godzilla piece. There is also a podcast that Smith hosts and the show appears to switch back and forth from the staff talking there and the activity at the comic store. Did you watch the first season? What are your thoughts on the show? I will give you mind after presenting the cast of players who have remained the same. The show is now only 30 minutes as opposed to the 60 that the first season was.

The Cast:
Kevin Smith – Store Owner and Podcast Host
Walt Flanagan – Store Manager
Mike Zapcic – One of the clerks at the shop
Bryan Johnson – Friend of the staff.
Ming Chen – One of the clerks at the shop

My Thoughts On It: After breezing through the first season in a few hours one lazy afternoon I have to say that the show was pretty much what I expected it to be. I anticipated being only moderately interested what it offered and after seeing it this was a correct thought. When the customers brought in their wares I was the most attentive but the constant belittling of each other in the staff was getting a little stale to me. When they hit the garage sale and found some really worthwhile treasures like Mego figures and vintage comics, well that was pretty cool. I used to have so many of the Mego collections and they all broke over the years. Sigh. One thing that did strike me as curious is that we only see Smith during the podcast and never at the store. We get a visit from “Jay” early in the season and he appears to be as out there in real life as he does in the movies. Do you think you will tune in to the second season?

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