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Airing Tonight: “American Horror Story: Coven” (10/9/2013)

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The fans of the “American Horror Story” series will likely be excited as the third go round for the show airs tonight with “American Horror Story: Coven” on the FX Network. Have you looked into this show before? Check out the promotional poster below and we can take a look into the premise afterward.

american horror story coven

The third season primarily follows the antics and events of a coven of Salem descendants who reside within a boarding school, Miss Robichaux’s Academy, centered in New Orleans, Louisiana. The academy is run by Headmistress Cordelia Foxx, who has always lived in the shadow of her mother, Fiona Goode. Fiona is the Coven’s “Supreme”, a witch born every generation who embodies countless gifts and magical abilities, namely, the Seven Wonders of Witchcraft; the Supreme is the head of the Coven. Danger lurks inside the academy’s past due to the mysterious butler Spalding and his relationship with Fiona. The entire coven is assessed and evaluated by the Council of Witchcraft, which includes Fiona’s old rival and Cordelia’s mother figure, Myrtle Snow. Thanks Wikipedia for the seasons premise, now here is the case.

Main Cast
Sarah Paulson as Cordelia Foxx (13 episodes)
Taissa Farmiga as Zoe Benson (13 episodes)
Frances Conroy as Myrtle Snow (10 episodes)
Evan Peters as Kyle Spencer (11 episodes)
Lily Rabe as Misty Day (10 episodes)
Emma Roberts as Madison Montgomery (13 episodes)
Denis O’Hare as Spalding (10 episodes)
Kathy Bates as Delphine LaLaurie (10 episodes)
Jessica Lange as Fiona Goode (13 episodes)

Special Guest Stars:
Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau (12 episodes)
Gabourey Sidibe as Queenie (12 episodes)
Danny Huston as The Axeman (7 episodes)
Patti LuPone as Joan Ramsey (4 episodes)
Stevie Nicks as Herself (2 episodes)

Recurring Cast:
Jamie Brewer as Nan
Josh Hamilton as Hank Foxx
Ameer Baraka as Bastien / Minotaur
Alexander Dreymon as Luke Ramsey
Dana Gourrier as Chantal
Raeden Greer as Pauline LaLaurie
Jennifer Lynn Warren as Borquita LaLaurie
Ashlynn Ross as Marie Jeanne LaLaurie
Scott Michael Jefferson as Louis LaLaurie
Lance Reddick as Papa Legba
Robin Bartlett as Cecily Pembroke
Michael Cristofer as Harrison Renard
Leslie Jordan as Quentin Fleming
Riley Voelkel as Young Fiona
Alexandra Breckenridge as Kaylee
James DuMont as Dr. Morrison
Christine Ebersole as Anna-Lee Leighton
Mare Winningham as Alicia Spencer

Now I liked the first season of the show which was “Murder House” as it was just a whole lot of strange but kind of depressing when it all came down to it. I think so far that I enjoyed the second go round of “Asylum” a little more based on the diverse characters that it brought to light. It also had some sad moments but I felt the storyline a little bit stronger than the first had. The idea of a Coven of Witches might be interesting, but lets see if that flies considering we find the fans all enamored with vampires and zombies nowadays. Will you be watching the show?

Official Show Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Horror_Story

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