Airing Tonight: “4th and Loud” (8/12/2014)

“From Arena Rock to Arena Football” is the tagline for AMC Network’s latest program and this might be of interest to the KISS Fans of the world since it features Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley and presents them as the owners of the Arena Football team the “LA KISS” and the new reality series has its premiere this evening. Check out the poster.

Poster - 4th and Loud

The show is set around Gene and Paul as football team owners and will showcase their duties as that teams hierarchy in talking to and dealing with the day to day dramatics of running a sports franchise. The trailer looked interesting to an extent but I have to admit that I am not the biggest sports fan out there and sitting through any kind of game is rather difficult for me to do. That being said, I am not too sure that I would find it fascinating to see how a sports team is run even if it is being done by my Rock Gods. If the show lays heavy on the KISS premise and interaction then I can see myself being a regular viewer but otherwise I am doubtful that this will captivate me as much as the “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” once did. This is all assumption for me since I have not seen any screeners of the first few episodes that the media sometimes gets but that lapse is my own fault since I did not investigate enough about it. I’ve set the show up on my DVR and will give it a chance but in all honesty I think I would prefer a show about running KISS as a business more than the sports team. I guess this is largely due to my lack of interest in those kinds of things.

I’ve embedded the trailer for you below. Will you watch this show? If yes tell me what is compelling you to do so and if not, why is this the case. Either way I wish Gene and Paul good with this one. I know that I would attend a game if they came to town since it lets me peruse some different KISS merchandise. Check your local listings for the times that it airs. If you miss it I am sure this will be On Demand as well.

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