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Aggronautix Presents: GG Allin 25th “Deathiversary” Bust

aggronautix, gg allin, resin busts

The Press Release:
This special edition bust depicting a zombie-like GG Allin post-death is the first of its kind by Aggronautix. Based on a illustration by Lou Rusconi, sculpted by Arlen Pellitier, and detailed by Eddie Bradley, this figure is it is hand-painted and limited to just 1000 numbered units.

aggronautix, gg allin, resin busts

Standing at seven inches tall and made of high quality resin, this bust of GG is sure to give you bad dreams and torment all those who come in contact with it! The first 100 pre-orders receive exclusive “Live Fast Die” pin! Order NOW via THIS LINK while supplies last.

aggronautix, gg allin, resin busts

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Truth be told Mr. Allin was NEVER my cup of musical tea and to be brutally honest some of the tales I’ve heard about him in concert were terrifying. Of course this is only my view and many of my friends felt he was an absolute genius. I think this special “Deathiversary” bust is perfect for them, and based on how it looks perhaps even some of the fans of “The Walking Dead”. What do you folks think about this? Will you be ordering? Chime in below.

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