After The Burial’s Guitarist Justin Lowe Has Left Us :(


For the last few weeks, the reported stories about the talented guitarist Justin Lowe have been many and quite disconcerting as well. They began back in the end of June when he officially left the band and made a very public statement that cited a mass paranoia about his entire life and his belief that many were out to get him or do him harm. In this open letter he pointed fingers at his band and the Sumerian Records label as well and having read it myself on other outlets can say that it was really some troubling things from a man breaking down IMHO. According to the After the Burial Facebook, the band responded to Lowe’s open letter the following day confirming he was under severe mental distress and requested their fans to support Lowe during his time of recovery. Lowe was under care with his family at the time and it was unknown if Lowe would rejoin the band once he had recovered. The other night of July 20th 2015, he was reported as officially miss and the efforts to find him safe and sound were put into play to make sure that would be the case. Sadly this would be in vain as the story came to a close yesterday when his body was found by a hiker directly underneath the Wisconsin side of the Arcola High Bridge. It was added that the musicians car was found on the bridge and that his death appeared to be consistent with that from a fall. There is no official report about it being intentional or accidental and no matter what this is still a shame. We wish his family and friends, band mates and world wide fans the deepest of condolences during this sad time. Thanks for giving us your music Justin, may you Rest In Peace. The photo I used in this memorial was one that I shot in better times during an early Summer Slaughter Tour in 2010.

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