Adult Swim Announces “Metalocalypse” Feature Film Being Greenlit

Earlier today the folks at Adult Swim took to Facebook and announced that a film for the mighty “Metalocalypse” had been greenlit. I’ve culled that brief for you down below and added some editorial closing thoughts. Dig in.

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The Statement:
This original film has been green-lit. Any complaints and we’re turning this internet around and going home #metalocalypse


PiercingMetal Thoughts: I greatly enjoyed the madness and mayhem that was every episode of “Metalocalypse” and though I didn’t see much of the final season, I own the first two on DVD. I guess I should investigate whether or not the whole thing is on a Blu-ray set at this point. I caught them in concert a couple of times and those were a hoot since there were live musicians hidden in darkness while the scenes played on massive screens on the stage. I’d go to see this if it comes to theaters and while its been greenlit, I have no idea as to how finished anything is. There might actually be content that was just waiting on an okay to put together and release but as more information comes to light I will be sure to share it here. Thanks for reading, please chime in with your own opinion and I will see you next time around. Stay safe out there.

Official Metalocalypse Wiki:

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