Action Comics #1 & Superman Celebrate 75 Years (1938-2013)

Let me hear you say “Look! Up in the Sky!, It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman!!!!

Comic - Action Comics 1

Well it all begins here my comic loving friends, because back in June of 1938, some seventy five years ago, the first issue of “Action Comics” was published and one of the stories featured a being whose powers and abilities were far beyond those of mortal men. Yes I am speaking of the one and only and now very legendary Superman. Since I’ve been doing a lot of comic book overview or release blasting blog posts here on the musings I felt it would be a nice idea to continue on with the occasional offering up of a toast to the Comic Book Milestone’s of note. There is probably not a bigger event for this medium and the super-hero mythology in general than the introduction of the Man of Steel. Kal-El was the creation of Jerry Simon and Joe Schuster, a creative team who not only initially had trouble selling their character to the masses, but a pair whose original creation was hardly a benevolent force for the greater good and was instead a raving madman with his sights set on world domination. Can you even imagine that? Lucky for all of us, the premise of Superman was reworked before being submitted to DC Comics and it would begin the engine of comic book heroism that was nothing less than extraordinary. “Action Comics” was a title that had a series of stories in it and not just a full on Superman appearance issue. We also had Zatara (a magician whose daughter is a favorite of Female Cosplayers everywhere in Zatanna) and also a western tale. Superman will grace these pages for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of issues before its reworking as a title in 1988 when it returned to an Anthology format and came out each week. These issues would not feature Superman at all until it returned to a regular monthly at #643.

Superman 75th

That said I’ll be keeping this toast on the short side but I did want to get something online a few days before the next cinematic feature to showcase the Big Red S hits the screen. In just four more days the world at large will get to enjoy “The Man Of Steel” and this film will redefine the character in a more contemporary sense just as the recent crop of Batman films had done. I admit I was initially hesitant about what this film might be like but the expanded trailers have sold me on supporting it. I’ll be back to raise another beer to Superman on the 75th Anniversary of his own title because that is also on the legendary side. There will be a lot more narratives of this nature with so many amazing characters reaching epic anniversaries so I hope you readers enjoy them. Feel free to let us know what you think about the “Action Comics” title or “Superman” comics in general in the open comments section but do try to stick to topic.

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To say that a copy of “Action Comics” #1 would cost you a fortune if you could even find a copy to purchase is an understatement. To serve your need for examination of this issue and some early adventures of Superman, I have embedded several topical items from for you to indulge in.

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