“Acey Slade & The Dark Party” by Acey Slade & The Dark Party

Artist: Acey Slade & The Dark Party
Title: “Acey Slade & The Dark Party”
Label: PID
Release Date: 2/9/2010
Genre: Glam Rock/Punk Rock
Rating: 4/5

“Acey Slade and The Dark Party” is the eponymously titled latest release by the one and only Acey Slade (known from the likes of Murderdolls, Dope, Trashlight Vision, Wednesday 13 and probably more than I know about) and with it the musician continues to surprise his fans with the level of chameleon that he can be with his artistic expression. It’s important to know right off the bat if you are expecting a Murderdolls or Trashlight vibe that you will be disappointed but if you are fans of seeing how Slade and his band mates are hoping to serve your auditory palate then it will be an interesting exploration. The release begins with a quasi “Twilight Zone” kind of spoken intro that leads you into the sensational “Here Today” track. This tune speaks volumes and plays along the lines of how instant our society has become. You are truly as it sings “here today, gone today” thanks to our instant gratification and forgetting what we just absorbed on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Up next is “Sugarcum” and it’s a very danceable tune with a vibrant chorus and then a very techno-laden drive is to be found in “Nothing’s Gonna Change”. There is still a deep heavy groove that would make this work in a harder Rock setting but it’s clear that Slade and the guys were bringing a whole new aesthetic to their musical mix. There is a great interplay between Slade and guitarist Andee for sure. There is an almost Bowie-esque brooding during parts of “She Brings Down The Moon” and while this one is more Gothic Hard Rock you can sense that there is a space to be slinky on the dark dance floor if you wanted to.

Continuing along you find one of my favorite inclusions on the album and this is a cover of The Cult’s “She Sells Sanctuary”. Slade smokes during this version and while I am sometimes reticent to people adding covers to their releases, I had seen him do this in concert and it just pumps you up and rocks from beginning to end. Ian Astbury would be proud of the rocker for sure. Play this one loud and get off the couch for a few minutes while it’s on. The mood changes subtlety with “Baby The Stars Shine Brightly” which for the most part is only Slade and his guitar. Clearly he was dedicating this to someone and if he was not, he sure had me fooled. I’ll leave the rest to your discovery from here on in but will recommend that you pump up the knob once more when the darkness that is “Reptile House” takes you out of the albums offerings and leaves you wishing there was a little bit more. That’s it for the main album, and mine came with a bonus EP that I speak to in the next section.

“After Party” EP: She Brings Down The Moon (Stakka Remix), Nothing’s Gonna Change Piggy D Remix), She Brings Down The Moon (GS Remix), Spiders In A Snow Globe (live), When There’s Nothing Left To Lose.
*** I am generally not a fan of remixed versions of what we get on an album but in the case of Acey Slade’s material they all just seemed to work out and offer you a completely different vibe than we get on the main release. There are two different approaches given to “She Brings Down The Moon” and while the first sounds very Industrial and Darkwave the second version had more of an 80’s Electro-synth vibe that was somewhat intoxicating. “Nothings Gonna Change” gets a similar treatment to the first tune and then there is an example of Acey live in concert with a sound board live capture of “Spiders In A Snowglobe”. The recording of this is clean enough and the mix done proper so nothing is lost in the final result. My hope is that Acey releases a live EP of some kind if he isn’t already planning one for his fans. The EP closes with a song I had not yet heard before and comes across as a nice treat.

At the end of the day this is an album that is worthy of investigation because Acey surprises us with a lot of different ideas and styles and by doing so has shown us that he is not only willing but able to successfully adapt and change to whatever musical situation he feels like adventuring upon.

Track Listing:
1. Darklexia
2. Here Today
3. Sugarcum
4. Nothings Gonna Change
5. She Brings Down The Moon
6. She Sells Sanctuary
7. Baby The Stars Shine Brightly
8. Plastic Lego Queen
9. Coming Down
10. Spiders In A Snowglobe
11. As Heaven Is Wide
12. Reptile House

Official Website: www.myspace.com/aceyslademusic

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