Acey Slade @ Arlene’s Grocery (12/18/2008)

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Artist: Acey Slade
Venue: Arlene’s Grocery (New York, NY)
Opener: unknown
Date: 12/18/2008
Label: Independent Artist

It’s been awhile since we have heard from Acey Slade, and the last time that I caught him in action he was serving up some guitar and backing vocals for Wednesday 13’s band when the Ghoulish one needed additional players on point due to a shoulder injury he had suffered. Slade had recently disbanded his Trashlight Vision group some months earlier, so it was great to see him back in action so quickly after the bands breakup. He seemed to go quiet and back underground for a little while but in reality he was not only composing new material for all of us to enjoy but he was also finding the time for a Halloween marriage to his stunning girlfriend Anne (Headbangers Ball hostess in Europe). They took their vows during the famous Greenwich Village Halloween parade and as result, several hundred thousand rock fans in NYC got to see this aired on the NY1 channel. Talk about a video memory.

Tonight would find him with his newly assembled band as he presented all who joined him at Arlene’s Grocery with his newest material and a cover thrown in for good measure. It was great to find him rising up once again and while the energetic performance would only run about eight songs, it was a set that none present would forget. Acey is one of those musicians who is out to entertain you and it seems as though he has honed this craft to perfection after his work with both Dope and The Murderdolls even before he put together TLV. The new band finds Andee (guitar), Chris Kling (drums) and PerC (bass and keyboards) making up the quartet and together it was quite the formidable outfit. Everyone seemed to be in a lock with one another and while Acey is the lead guy and guitarist, no one came off as a backup musician and instead were more a part of the new band that Acey just happened to sing for. He would be the final act of the evening at Arlene’s Grocery to my knowledge, as this venue normally presents about five acts on any given night. I am not sure how the other bands did this evening but did manage to realize that when Acey took the stage that the place was jam-packed. Always a good thing when you are able to do that in NYC on a chilly Thursday night.

With the set being short it would sadly be over before one would have expected it to be and from the list I really felt that “Nothing’s Gonna Change”, “Here Today” and the cover of The Cult classic “She Sells Sanctuary” where the best tunes of the night. Slade had recently issued a strictly limited edition EP for his fans and it comes in a “trigger” case with a whole lot of other goodies. I would later find out that the plan would be to make more copies but they would not be of the limited nature. That was a good plan since we will not see his debut album with this project until sometime later in 2009. I felt this was a nice way to close out on a very productive year of Rock and Metal shows for me and it was great to be able to support a talented dude as he warmed up the winter audience with some hot tunes. Acey will be taking the band on the road for support dates with Combichrist and from there I am not sure where else, but that is what the MySpace page is for. As a matter of fact there were several video cameras being run that night and Acey mentioned that he was looking to put some of this footage on a DVD which would be nice for those who either didn’t realize the show was happening or couldn’t attend for some other reason. Be sure to check him out especially if you enjoyed what he did with his other bands because the new stuff is very different from what you might expect him to be doing. Good luck Acey and keep on rocking.

Set list:
1. Reptile House
2. Here Today
3. Spiders In A Snow Globe
4. Nothing’s Gonna Change
5. She Brings Down The Moon
6. Sugar Cum
7. She Sells Sanctuary
8. Commin’ Down

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