Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley Reunited For “Fire and Water” Video

There’s nothing like a little Ace Frehley to start your Wednesday off right and especially when its the first video from his latest album on E1 Entertainment, “Origins” V.1. Let’s up the ante on this and share that the clip also features his former KISS band mate Paul Stanley as they deliver a cover of the song “Fire and Water” which was originally done by Free.

About The Video: 2014 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame member ACE FREHLEY today has debuted a brand new music video for his cover of Free’s 1970 hit “Fire and Water” featuring none other than KISS frontman PAUL STANLEY. The video is being premiered exclusively through VEVO. “It was great working with Paul again and all the years we’ve spent apart doing other projects seemed to vanish once we hit the stage!,” says Frehley. The video notches itself into rock and roll history as the first time both Frehley and Stanley appear in a music video since KISS’ music video for “Psycho Circus” released in 1998. It’s also the first time in 14 years that the two shared a stage since KISS’ appearance at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Finally, it’s the first time Frehley has released a music video since 1989, which was Frehley’s cover of “Do Ya” released by both The Move and ELO.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m pretty much a lifelong KISS fan when it comes to the original members so to see Paul sharing the stage with Ace once more even if only in a video clip, it pretty much made my heart skip a couple of beats. There is a casual beginning to this one that finds the legends walking up to each other and musing can they do this and off we go. From here it’s all a studio version of a live performance with drummer Scottie Coogan and bassist Chris Wise (The Cult). There isn’t much to add about the clip other than its really cool to see them both rocking out together again in a non-makeup state which to my knowledge has not been done since the legendary “Unplugged” show that led to the 1996 makeup reunion. Performance videos are very straight forward with what they are putting out there but when you add the smoking lead guitar of Ace Frehley (which I mean in the completely literal sense at the moment) the “wow” factor is kicked up a notch. The track is a slower, smoother groove as this was a song originally delivered by Free and theirs was always a more bluesy presentation. Paul’s voice doesn’t mimic that of the great Paul Rodgers but it was still fine by me and it surely fits in well with the rest of the premise of the “Origins” album that it comes from. For those who still need some update on Ace’s new body of work, it’s an album of classic covers that inspired him and I’ve already spoken about the singles “White Room” and “Emerald” on the website. Nice work guys. Will this lead to anything larger? Who knows, because anything can happen in Rock and Roll.

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