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PiercingMetal.com is an Online Entertainment magazine dedicated to Heavy Music & Pop Culture and was launched in 2005 by Ken Pierce, a published Photo Journalist whose work was previously found in Metal Edge & Metal Maniacs magazine along with the The Metal Circus (Spain), Maximum Metal (US) and Sea Of Tranquility (US) websites. Mr. Pierce guides this trademarked outlet as its Editor In Chief and Principle Creative and is also the founder of “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” Lifestyle Blog.


Since launching, the PiercingMetal website has stockpiled over 6.6K articles that feature reviews of Music, Videos, Books, and Events. Our Photo Galleries feature more than twenty thousand images secured from the events that were covered. The conversion to a full WordPress model allowed for the integration of the “PiercingMetal Musings” companion blog into the core content which brought an expansion of features relating to comic books, films, conventions and toys that relate to our demographics interests. With everything under one big umbrella, PiercingMetal.com offers a greater and easier experience for the reader that keeps them engaged and entertained. All articles are succinctly tagged for searches and unlike some sites, every article on PiercingMetal.com remains a part of its historical archive. Remaining among the sites highlights are a robust Regional Events Calendar that lets us support the music and arts scene of NYC with greater ease and Contests that have put over 1.6K fans into exciting shows. The constant goal of the brand is to keep the reader engaged with what is happening over on PiercingMetal.com and we strive to maintain this every day. PiercingMetal celebrated its 14th year online in April 2019 and has achieved more than 29 million pages viewed since launch.

Special Thanks To The Following Creatives (Past and Present) Featured On This Brand: Peter Parrella, Joe Kaufman, Katherine Wilson, Emily Pericht, Steve Bunche, Steven Stolper, Chris Intriago, Natalia Liaszkiewicz, Eric Peltier.

PiercingMetal.com currently maintains a presence on all of the major Social Networking sites and with them keeps readers in the loop about its adventures. The appropriate links are presented at the end of this page. Everyone’s welcome to our Cyberspace home so do come visit and stay awhile by getting social with us via the links below. PiercingMetal is hosted by InMotionHosting. All of PiercingMetal’s camera equipment and accessories are protected by the quality products of Think Tank Photo.


Important: For any website inquiries or to pitch materials for potential review, please use the form below OR email info@piercingmetal.com Please use one only.

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