A Toast Of Flesh As “The Walking Dead” #1 Celebrates 10 Years

Comic - Walking Dead 1

I haven’t really done one of these “Comic Book Milestone” posts after only a ten year span of publication but with the breakout hit that “The Walking Dead” became this was very necessary to do. Published ten years ago this month by Image Comics, “The Walking Dead” #1 was written and created by Robert Kirkman and featured art by Tony Moore. The series was set around a group of several individuals, primarily Police Officer Rick Grimes who after recovering from a life threatening gunshot wound awakens in an empty hospital and finds the world around him being slowly overrun by the living dead. The series is printed in black and white and while I don’t personally like those methods I feel that the level of gore is better delivered by not showing us so much vivid red. As a lifelong comic’s fan I am really surprised that I missed out on this when it first was released but then again I was much more into the superhero stuff to let it bother me all that much. My first glimpse of the actual comic was when I got a first issue reprint at the Book Expo back in 2011. I loved it and planned on ordering the trade paperbacks before cash got a little thin so I decided to wait until the compendiums were next on sale. Clearly this is one popular title and if you see anyone getting rid of single issues at a garage sale for cheap do yourself a favor and stock up on them (provided they are not the reprints of said originals).

As you all obviously know, “The Walking Dead” is now a hit series on the AMC Network and a new season begins in a couple of days. I chose to post this little milestone on the first day of the NY Comic Con for 2013 since I felt it would be fun to toast it and then lead you up to the new pitfalls that our survivors are facing. Since I am not sure how many of our readers are actually following the printed edition of the story, this tale is very different from the one happening on the printed page and as one friend said to me “the bleakest stuff he had ever read in comics” and that shook me since this was another lifelong fan of the medium. Happy 10th Anniversary to “The Walking Dead” comics. Here is to your continued ravenous devouring of the titles around you on the shelves.

Official Wiki Entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Walking_Dead_%28comic_book%29

I’ll venture to guess that the normal citizen will not be able to afford a copy of an original 1st issue in a first printing since not only are there only about two thousand of them in print, it was quoted on an episode of “Comic Book Men” as being valued at about $7K for a Mint Condition edition. That said I have instead embedded code to the “Compendium” editions which collect issues #1-96 across the two volumes. They also have nineteen trade paperbacks that give you a handful of issues in each volume but this allows for maximum undead enjoyment for sure. Now, check your weapons and keep your eyes open around you.

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