“A Statue Of The King” (Single) by Avatar

Artist: Avatar
Title: “A Statue Of The King” (Single)
Label: E1 Entertainment
Release Date: 10/24/2017
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

The next Avatar album is called “Avatar Country” and doesn’t come out for a while yet (I think I read January) but we’ve got ourselves a lead off single from this with the song “A Statue Of The King” and I’ve tossed together a few notes about their latest efforts. A straight forward guitar riff leads us into some clean vocals while the drive builds up and then The Clown arrives growling with ferocity and intent as they sing songs about their ruler. It then changes to an almost Queen like Operatic passage with wonderful group choruses on top of thundering double bass drums. Very interesting to say the least and not a direction I was expecting of them.

We get more thrashing in this amalgamation of styles and while this would normally drive a listener like me crazy I was finding that it works with this new Avatar track. I was a big fan of how the speed picks up a few notches towards the end and think that this one will be enjoyable in the live sense. Having only caught Avatar once in concert before (which I still don’t know how that happens given the amount of shows that I see), I’m going to mark this one as a must see happening once the full run of dates get revealed. From the sound of this tune, I think the band is going to deliver a winning release. That’s never a bad thing at the end of the day.

Track Listing:
1. A Statue Of The King

Official Website: http://www.avatarmetal.com

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