A Spirited Surprise As Peter Dolving Quits The Haunted!!!

This was one of those events that I didn’t really anticipate taking place but then again I never fully followed their happenings and inner circle gossip but despite this being the case, Peter Dolving has indeed quit The Haunted. He was a founding member back in 1996 with the Bjorler Brothers (formerly of the legendary At The Gates) so this kind of news came as a bit of a shock to me. As a journalist I have seen the band maybe four or five times and was touch and go with what they delivered to the audience. Technically I preferred At The Gates more but a lot of my friends and fellow media peeps were hardcore about their presentation so you checked them out to help support the larger Metal community.

the haunted, peter dolving, the haunted concert photos

According to some reports, the singer announced his departure on Facebook of all things. I guess this is the quickest way to get the word around these days. From what I read he sounded kind of pissed and amounted to someone who was standing by his statement. He lines out how he’s not answering any questions about it and that he has had it. Oh well. He will certainly be a difficult singer to replace because his stage persona was so intense and serious.

the haunted, peter dolving, the haunted concert photos

The band counter responded on their Facebook and stated how they will continue on despite the news. We wish all parties the very best in their future music endeavors and wonder just how stable The Haunted shall remain without their oft-imposing and unpredictable front man. Of course this stuff sometimes eventually works itself out and everyone shakes hands and works together again for the benefit of their worldwide fans.

Learn about the band via their Wikipedia Entry HERE

PS: The photos in this posting were shot by me when I last caught the band in 2009. You can check out other content that feature the band by clicking HERE

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