A Slightly Silent Barren Earth; Mikko Kotamäki Departs The Lineup

The other day I saw some sad news posted on the Facebook page of our friend in Metal one Mr. Mikko Kotamaki who announced that he was leaving the lineup of Barren Earth.  This saddened us a little bit I will admit.


This was his post….

“Long story short. Yesterday i left big part of my life behind. I left Barren Earth. I just can’t give 100% out of myself what the band deserves. I decided to be honest to myself and my friends. Absolutely no drama behind this. I just don’t wanna burn out and i don’t wanna be the guy who says no to everything if i don’t have time or enough motivation. I love the guys from the bottom of my heart and wish you all the best. Now it’s my time to move on. Shamaani kuittaa.”

While I said it saddens me one cannot question or judge the personal motivations to a decision like this one because living a band life is a tumultuous one for sure. Lots of demands on ones time, finances and freedom to just live as you see fit. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Mikko personally at numerous show appearances with Swallow The Sun and the one time that they played NYC with Barren Earth back in 2011 as a part of the invasion that Finntroll put upon us. It’s a bummer that we shall not hear Mikko’s voice in Barren Earth for the foreseeable future but I’m rather sure that he will land in a project that will blow our minds just as equally when the time is right. I’ve embedded some links below to their past work for you to indulge in should you still be rather new to the band, trust me this is some really solid stuff that I think you all should own.

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