“A Night To Remember” by Evergrey

Artist: Evergrey
Title: “A Night To Remember”
Label: InsideOut Music
Release Date: 5/24/2005
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 9/10

If you don’t already own a copy of the double live CD with the same name by the band Evergrey you should rectify this right away. You are truly missing out on perhaps the best live album to be released in 2005. The stellar production and song selection make this a necessary purchase for fans of Power and Progressive Metal. The live CD itself has been gathering critical acclaim on almost every review that comes out about it. This is justly deserved for not only does it deliver to you a fantastic scope of the bands catalog; but it is also very easy for anyone to enjoy coming into the band for the first time. InsideOut Music has given the CD a brother in the DVD Concert video that is also titled “A Night To Remember”. In reviewing this piece the title would have been better listed as “A DVD To Remember”.

As you might expect, this double DVD Set includes the entire concert performance that is featured on the CD. The visuals on this end of the DVD are amazing. Dramatic shots from the Gothenburg Sweden show and a fantastic light presentation is par for the course as you watch. Guitar solos are able to be seen and not shot away from. There are also excellent shots from behind the drum kit. Clearly a lot of care was placed in the setting up of this product. I will tell readers that watching one or two songs is very difficult as you end up sitting through a majority of it when you begin. This concert serves up a virtual greatest hits live show. There is a chorus of singers and a small strings section that joins the group onstage at particular songs. It really adds to the impact that this show brings you. The band had filmed this based on their 2004 tour which for many months had them opening for Iced Earth and Children Of Bodom. If you attended any of those shows you only got to see Evergrey for about 40 minutes. This concert runs almost two hours and totally sates ones Evergrey appetite. You should not be left wanting after this.

On DVD 2 you get the other side of the spectrum. Most of the footage here is backstage antics and behind the scenes pieces. There is a few hours of this type of footage of the band at sound check, rehearsal and on the tour bus. It definitely gives you a fun look into the day to day life of this band. They all have a great sense of humor and seem to enjoy the life that they lead. These shots were filmed during that tour referenced above. The group also includes all of their video clips making this one of the most logically comprehensive DVD’s I have ever watched. This comes with the highest of recommendations.

Track Listing DVD1:
1. Intro
2. Blinded
3. End Of Your Days
4. More Than Ever
5. She Speaks To The Dead
6. Rulers Of The Mind
7. Blackened Dawn
8. Waking Up Blind
9. As I Lie Here Bleeding
10. Misled
11. Mark Of The Triangle
12. When The Walls Go Down
13. Harmless Wishes
14. Essence Of Conviction
15. Solitude Within
16. Nosferatu
17. Recreation Day
18. For Every Tear That Falls
19. A Touch Of Blessing
20. The Masterplan

Track Listing DVD2:
1. Backstage
2. Interviews
3. For Every Tear That Falls – video
4. The Masterplan – video
5. Blinded – video
6. I’m Sorry – video
7. More Than Ever – video
8. A Touch Of Blessing – video

Official Website: www.Evergrey.net

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