“A Light In The Dark” by Metal Church

Artist: Metal Church
Title: “A Light In The Dark”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 6/27/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Attention head bangers it is time for Church – Metal Church that is, and with “A Light In The Dark” we find the band still going strong and creating solid Metal under the watchful creative direction of Kurdt Vanderhoof (the group’s sole original member). Lead singer Ronny Munroe proves his salt with his second outing in the band on powerful numbers like “Mirror Of Lies” and the epic “Temples Of The Sea”, a tune that runs just short of ten minutes. Ronny has the required Metal powers when needed but he also shows the ability of just being an impressive Rock singer with a wide range of vocal styles. He was the perfect person to fill the role of singer in this band and I am sure going forward he will establish quite a fan base for himself. Another change in the group is that the new album also features the talents of Jeff Plate on drums. Jeff replaces Kirk Arrington who left due to health complications in 2006, and brings with him the expertise of working with Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Chris Caffery. Plate’s style is something that long time fans will appreciate as he is no stranger to playing quality Metal. The group is rounded out by Jay Reynolds and Steve Unger who handle the second guitar and bass duties on the recording and have been members of the band since the previous album “Weight Of The World”. Regardless of the band being comprised of a completely new lineup they still manage to deliver the goods and are perfect for those listeners who are seeking a Classic Metal sound without it being retro or dated. Metal Church was always a pure entity when it came to the genre and since their formation in 1981 has influenced many bands that followed them.

“ALITD” has a lot of catchy, air-guitar worthy Metal for you to enjoy as well as a very poignant number as which is the re-recording of the classic “Watch The Children Pray”. The song is included as a tribute to former lead singer David Wayne who died in May 2005 from complications that followed a car crash. Munroe surely does his predecessor proud and I am sure that from high above Wayne is raising the horns back to him for such a powerful rendition of this number. The release is a great blast of well-thought out Metal that I feel most existing fans and others will appreciate. Metal Church proudly continues to preach the gospel of Metal and isn’t it time you listened.

Track Listing:
1. A Light In The Dark
2. Beyond All Reason
3. Mirror Of Lies
4. Disappear
5. The Believer
6. Temples Of The Sea
7. Pill For The Kill
8. Son Of The Son
9. More Than Your Master
10. Blinded By Life
11. Watch The Children Pray 2006

Official Website: www.metalchurch.com

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