A Halloween Treat from Edge Of Paradise’s Margarita Monet w “Sally’s Song”

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I’ve enjoyed the music of Edge Of Paradise for a few years now and always love the occasional treat that they put together for special occasions. Recently, lead singer Margarita Monet worked out a composition of “Sally’s Song” by Danny Elfman. The song originally appeared in the blockbuster animated features “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and I am happy to share the video with you all right now. Check it out and then I will get you some additional details.

About The Video: Who better to ask about the video but Miss Monet herself and when I spoke to her about the clip she said “I was always a big fan of Nightmare Before Christmas growing up, I love the imagery, the mood the film creates and theatricality of it! All the recording was done at our home studio, I arranged the instrumentation on keyboards and sang it. I customized my costume and had some fun with the makeup smile emoticon. Video was shot by Val Rassi and Karim Youseff. We had a great time making this video, so hope you guys enjoy it! Happy Halloween!”

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Hey what’s not to like about this clip, its Halloween and this was spooky-ooky with a beautiful sense of dramatic style worked into the eerie melody. You might not have known this but Margarita is a classically trained pianist and she rules on the keys. I hope you get a chance to see that for yourself sometime but that being said, thanks for giving us this video Margarita and I am speaking for Metaldom across the country of course. I hope you have a Happy Halloween also and get more Almond Joy bars and other delicious chocolates than those little candy corn things. Here’s a better photo of Margarita as “Sally” which as you can see looks awesome.

Photo - Margarita Monet as Sally - 2015

Official Website: http://www.edgeofparadiseband.com/

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