A Glimpse of KISS & John Varvatos’ SOHO Windows

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A few months ago a rather odd text hit my Droid phone wondering “how fast could I get to Williamsburg because KISS was doing a photo shoot right outside in the street”. As I read this I quietly screamed a little scream because sadly the powers of teleportation have never been something that I was all that good at so I would clearly have to miss out. Some quick research would find me learning that KISS was dressed in suits and doing a photo shoot for designer John Varvatos and getting some dramatic DUMBO visuals in the background. This seemed a great setting and of course there are few Hard Rock fans that don’t remember how the original KISS lineup presented themselves in this fashion on the cover of their “Dressed To Kill” album. The KISS photo shoot was for the designers summer 2014 campaign and one of the shots is below and was taken from the Varvatos official website. Needless to say Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer all look seriously boss in these designs.


Now while I realize this is not exactly “new” news, the reason for my even posting was based on my being near the SOHO Varvatos store where KISS has been dominating their front window displays for about a week. They actually unveiled these displays on the 40th Anniversary of the bands first gig in Queens. Since I was down in the area for a photographic exhibition of The Beatles I just had to swing by the store and snag some images for our Official PiercingMetal Blog. I’ve mentioned MANY times about my level of KISS fanboyishness so it made sense. Dig in.









Pretty cool right? I thought so. Oh yes and before I close up this little visual, on the same night as the photo shoot that was done, KISS did an exclusive performance at the John Varvatos Bowery Store (the once home of the famous C.B.G.B.’s nightclub). It was a super secret exclusive of exclusive events for 200 friends and colleagues of the designer. As a lifelong fan of KISS I was dying to be a part of this and well the same can be said of my music journalistic intent but interestingly enough I learned that no cameras were allowed based on this being a part of the upcoming campaign. That made sense and kudos to those who found themselves in the event that evening. For the rest of us there is this short film and one can only hope that KISS had the foresight of making sure to be able to share it with the KISS Army as a longer bonus feature sometime in the future.

Official Website: http://www.kissonline.com
Official Website: http://www.johnvarvatos.com

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