“A Decade In The Grave” by Six Feet Under

Artist: Six Feet Under
Title: “A Decade In The Grave”
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 10/18/2005
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 8/10

After ten years of recordings and touring Chris Barnes and his band mates in Six Feet Under have released a box set that is sure to please every one of their fans. Tipping the scales at over 70 songs this is a superb collection that not only compiles a “greatest hits” of the band on CD’s 1 and 2, but then gives you CD of rarities (CD3). On CD4, the fans are treated to demos and other recordings that come from from the early years in Barnes career. Some of this is pre Cannibal Corpse as I have found. Disc 5 is actually a DVD concert from Berlin in most cases. Since I only had a sampler CD of this my descriptions are on the brief side, but this did give me an idea of the overall quality awaiting the fan of this band. Over the ten years they have built a strong and dedicated following and very rarely have they strayed from their course of delivering some of the most brutal Metal to have ever come out of Tampa, FL. Comparing this to other boxed sets that mostly feature songs that fans already have in the catalog I would have to say that SFU did a great job on this one. Limiting known tracks to 2 CD’s and giving you 80% of what you have already plus bonuses was smart. Also included in the set is a full-color poster. SFU trading cards, a sticker and a 30 page color booklet that is full of pictures and lyrics. There is bound to be a number of fan favorites on the set along with stuff that I am sure has been passed around on cassette tapes until finally making its appearance on this set.

This is a must have for Death Metal fans who either already follow Six Feet Under or perhaps even those who want a great sampling of what they have done. It matured differently from how the crop of European Death Metal had gone and offers the listener to that aspect of the Metal genre a variation that has the creativity of one the legends in that form. I admit that I don’t follow them, but Corpse and Barnes fans in the legion prove that there are plenty who do. Check it out, it is even reasonably priced.

Track Listing

Disc: 1
1. Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
2. Revenge of the Zombie
3. Impulse to Disembowel
4. Victim of the Paranoid
5. Dead and Buried (Living Life in the Grave)
6. The Enemy Inside
7. Drowning
8. Silent Violence
9. Bringer Des Blutes
10. Brainwashed
11. When Skin Turns Blue
12. Rest in Pieces
13. Braindead
14. Murdered in the Basement

Disc: 2
1. Knife, Gun, Axe
2. War is Coming
3. Shadow of the Reaper
4. The Day the Dead Walked
5. Deathklaat
6. The Murderers
7. Decomposition of the Human Race
8. Cadaver Mutilator
9. Hacked to Pieces
10. Remains of You
11. Torture Killer
12. Lycanthropy
13. The Art of Headhunting
14. This Graveyard Earth

Disc: 3
1. Beneath a Black Sky
2. Human Target
3. Suffering in Ecstasy
4. The Enemy Inside
5. Tomorrow’s Victim
6. Ugly
7. Claustrophobic
8. From Flesh to Bone
9. A Knife Fight to the Death
10. Burned at the Stake
11. War is Coming – San Francisco, CA
12. Brainwashed – Albuquerque, NM
13. Human Target – Golden, CO
14. Torture Killer – San Francisco, CA
15. Revenge of the Zombie – San Francisco, CA
16. Lycanthropy – San Francisco, CA

Disc: 4
1. Violent Slaughter
2. Destructive Aggressor
3. Lamentation of Death
4. Leviathan
5. The Plumber (remove on the packaging it’s a hidden track)
6. Apocalyptic Rain
7. Asphyxiation
8. Blood Feast
9. Tormented Nightmare
10. Bestial Decapitor

Disc: 5
1. Lycanthropy – live
2. Manipulation
3. Victim of the Paranoid
4. The Day the Dead Walked
5. Amerika the Brutal
6. Bringer of Blood
7. Dead and Buried (Living Life in the Grave)
8. Shadow of the Reaper – Murdered in Berlin 2005
9. Shadow of the Reaper
10. Murdered in the Basement
11. When Skin Turns Blue
12. No Warning Shot
13. Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
14. Victim of the Paranoid
15. Deathklaat
16. The Day the Dead Walked
17. Hacked to Pieces

Official Website: www.sfu420.com

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