“3 Vulgar Videos From Hell” by Pantera

Artist: Pantera
Title: “3 Vulgar Videos From Hell”
Label: Rhino Records/WEA
Release Date: 4/4/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 8/10

Pantera’s fans will rejoice when they get their hands on this double DVD set that features the 3 VHS releases from the 1990’s. Originally released individually as “Cowboys From Hell”, “Vulgar Videos” and “3”; this set gives you the whole gamut from the bands early days on two convenient DVD’s. It’s a great way to remember the power that this band held in their hands from the start. Albums such as “Cowboys From Hell”, “Vulgar Display Of Power” and “Far Beyond Driven” were some of the most head-banging material to be presented to the Metal community. It was very quick that Pantera grabbed the throat of the fans and showed them a new level of brutality that did not suffer in technical ability thanks to the Brothers Vinny Paul and Dimebag Darrell. The duo were continually bringing fresh Metal ideas to the table and while Vinny’s drumming was among the most solid to come around in awhile, Dime’s level of guitar wizardry would set him on a path to being referred to as one of the greatest that the genre would ever encounter. Front man Philip Anselmo was also someone who should not be taken lightly, as his sheer intensity during the songs and on the stage took the role of lead singer to a new level. He was a tougher and more in your face type and that worked with the music of Pantera very well. I was an early fan of the band and I enjoyed the albums I hold close to my Metal heart the most being the ones represented on this package. Songs like “Cemetery Gates” and “This Love” are still among my favorite Metal songs of all.

The other side of this DVD set that people will enjoy is the fun stuff and the camaraderie that is displayed on segments between the live or video films. The band is surely a wild bunch of drinkers and smokers during this time and they make no bones about showcasing it to the cameras. There is also a lot of abuse of each other for the sake of laughs and some of it will have you in stitches. Pantera while all business on stage was just a regular bunch of guys who were out to have as much fun as they could while they could manage to do it. There is a host of cameos and among them Rob Halford and Yngwie Malmsteen are included. It adds to the fun stuff with their iconic status being added to the humorous fodder. Since these films were recorded Pantera has broken up and sadder still we lost Dime to a tragic occurrence. This is a must have release for a number of reasons with the first being it’s a good way to remember the impact of Pantera and a better way to remember Dime having fun doing what he did best. Raise them horns people – He’s watching.

Track Listing:
1. Cowboys From Hell
2. Psycho Holiday
3. Cemetery Gates
4. Heresy (Live)
5. Art Of shredding
6. Mouth For War
7. This Love
8. Walk
9. Domination (Live)
10. Primal Concrete Sledge
11. Planet Caravan
12. I’m Broken
13. 5 Minutes Alone
14. Drag The Waters
15. Cowboys From Hell (Moscow)
16. Primal Concrete Sledge (Moscow)
17. Psycho Holiday (Moscow)

Official Website: www.pantera.com

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