“20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection 3” by KISS

Artist: KISS
Title: “The Millennium Collection Volume 3”
Label: Universal Music
Release Date:
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

Universal Music continues their releasing of “Millennium Collections” with Volume 3 for the legendary KISS. I had not been a fan of the first two for while they included some good tracks, the limiting them to 12 songs leaves the listener with a sense of “what else do you have for me”. Those are primarily for the purest and collector who needs every single release in the bands catalog. They redeemed my view with “Gold” a double CD, forty track edition which covered a great span of years in the bands lifetime. With the release of “Millennium Collection” v.3 I was not expecting much, but this is where I would be pleasantly surprised.

This CD covers the groups latest years with the albums “Revenge” through “Psycho Circus” as its focus and it features the expected tracks from these albums. I was impressed in their inclusion of “Got To Choose” from the bands “Unplugged” CD. This track was only available if you bought the vinyl edition of the album, and with the realm of possibility on CD, the band surely garnered some ire from their fans by omitting it from that medium when there was plenty of space to leave it on. One of the pleasant other surprises is the inclusion of tracks from “Carnival Of Souls”, the last official studio album KISS made before putting the makeup back on and reuniting with the original members. It’s a recording that found KISS heavier than ever before and very musically rich. It’s an album the curious should purchase if they don’t have it already. They also feature the ballad from the movie “Detroit Rock City” which is ok, and a nice closer to the record but not worth buying a whole soundtrack to have. There is a foldout insert that brings you up to date on the group so adding that to those specially added tracks makes this edition a little more purchase worthy.

Track Listing:
1. God Gave Rock ‘n Roll To You II
2. Unholy
3. Domino – live
4. Hate
5. Childhood’s End
6. I Will Be There
7. Comin’ Home
8. Got To Choose
9. Psycho Circus
10.Into The Void
11. I Pledge Allegiance To The State Of Rock And Roll
12. Nothing Can Keep Me From You

Official Website: www.kissonline.com

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