Want To See Sonata Arctica & Arsis In NYC On 12/6/2012

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I’ve often cited how the first review that I ever did for my writing adventures began with the band Nightwish back in 2003 but few people might actually know that I had also been a fan of the great Sonata Arctica for just as long. The band instantly appealed to me as a fan of not only Power Metal but the driving melodic structure that they possessed and my first album of theirs was “Winterheart’s Guild”; a release that I still consider a classic for the Finnish Metal scene. It’s been a couple of years since Sonata Arctica has been on our shores, and since that time they’ve released “Live In Finland” and the latest album “Stones Grow Her Name”. They’ll be bringing some new and many classic tunes to their fans and doing it with the help of Arsis who will provide direct support for the tour. Thanks to the fine folks at Livenation; PiercingMetal.com is pleased to put some of our readers into the venue for this surely amazing performance. It’s the first night of the tour and you know that I am going to be there for sure.

To Participate: All I want for this one is for you to tell me how important each of these two powerful Metal bands are to your appreciation of the genre. A simple one word answer will NOT suffice of course. Be sure to follow the comments so you know if you are a winner or not and while we ask that you provide your email in the comment entry form, DO NOT place it in the body of the comment based on privacy concerns. I’ll be commenting back to the winners and asking them to email us their full name for list purposes.

Restrictions: As usual, the participation in this contest is open to all NYC region Metal heads but if you recently won one of our giveaways please be aware that we shall be looking at the new responders first in order to give everyone a fair shot at seeing a show. I am sure you can understand our doing that. Single tickets only. Let’s rock…..

When: December 6th 2012, 7pm start; doors 6pm.
Where: The Gramercy Theatre, 127 East 23rd Street, NYC 212.614.6932

Official Websites:
Sonata Arctica: http://www.sonataarctica.info/
Arsis: http://us.myspace.com/arsis
The Gramercy Theatre: http://www.thegramercytheatre.com

In the off chance that you don’t have a sufficient representation of either of these bands in your music library, I’ve embedded a number of their releases that are available to purchase below. Sink your teeth into that….

16 thoughts on “Want To See Sonata Arctica & Arsis In NYC On 12/6/2012”

  1. Sonata Arctica has been one best Power Metal bands from Europe in the past ten years. Arsis is a band that stays away from being another trend in US Metal they try to be something different then the usually stuff thats being shove down our throats.

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Sonata quite a few years back my older brother has “Ecliptica” WAY back in the day and I never really heard power metal at that point I was hooked! And Arsis is GREAT they’re first album “Celebration of Guilt” is on my top 10 Melodeath releases of all time!

  3. After seeing Sonata twice in my lifetime I can safely say that I am quite eager to see them a third time. I first got into them when their “Unia” album was released but, like the nostalgia fan I am, immediately went backward and started listening to their previous albums. Ecliptica and Reckoning Night have to be my two top albums by them. And Arsis? Very different band but still a cool addition to the lineup. I have quite a few favorites by them and I always have a good time moshing to their intense sound. My favorite album is of course their first, the others not ending up quite as strong as that one in my humble opinion.

  4. I’ve never seen Sonata Arctica and always wanted to..it would be amazing to get to see them finally. Arsis on the other hand, is fantastic.. I saw them opening up for Arch Enemy, and they blew my mind so much I had to buy a shirt from them.

  5. It shall be my 1st time witnessing Sonata Artica and hoping they would play some old school power metal tracks tomorrow… I’m really looking forward to see Arsis for the 2nd time (They deliver an awesome show last time I checked them with Arch Enemy and Exodus)

  6. Sonata Arctica is very joyful to listen to. Last time I saw them, they opened for Dragonforce. Their set felt very short. It’ll be great to see them headlining and playing a more complete set..

  7. Every time I listen to SONATA ARCTICA i feel so powerfull, I’ve never seen them before, I’d like to win a ticket.

  8. This contest is closed so no more entries please. Winners have been contacted and their names shall be on the Livenation list. Please bring identification as you will need it to claim your ticket. I’ll be there as well tonight and cannot wait to celebrate Finnish Independence Day in true Metal fashion.

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