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Five Finger Death Punch & Shinedown Announce Fall 2016 Tour

As the spring continues to be sprung and the summer heat heads our way the touring announcements are starting to get more fast and furious. This is a good one so scroll past the poster to read the massive press release that I received.

Tour - FFDP and Shinedown - Summer 2016


The Press Release:
LOS ANGELES, CA – (April 26th, 2016) – Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown are partnering to co-headline the biggest Fall Arena Rock Tour 2016 produced by Frank Productions/NS2/ CMoore Live – an epic trek that kicks off on October 18th in Little Rock, AR, and crisscrosses North America through December. See tour dates below. More dates will be announced soon.

The tour is also highlighted by Special Guest SIXX:A.M. featuring vocalist/producer James Michael, bassist Nikki Sixx and guitarist Dj Ashba. UK newcomers As Lions, featuring Austin Dickinson, will round out the supporting lineup, following the tour’s previous openers-turned-success stories Nothing More and From Ashes To New.
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Five Finger Death Punch & The “Trespass America” Festival Are Coming

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Why? Because the guys in Five Finger Death Punch are in charge of their own festival and they are coming to a city near you soon. The tour looks to be an exciting one and features Five Finger Death Punch as the closing headliner along with Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Pop Evil, God Forbid, Emmure & Battlecross. The tour is presented by Metal Hammer magazine which is a power house in its own right in terms of holding the banner high for the genre.

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“Under And Over It” (Single) by Five Finger Death Punch

Artist: Five Finger Death Punch
Title: “Under And Over It” (Single)
Label: Prospect Park Records
Release Date: 10/11/2011
Genre: Groove Metal
Rating: 4/5

I’ve been listening to FFDP since their debut “The Way Of The Fist” and have even caught them in concert a couple of times so I am speaking with some background on this one. The band is getting ready to unleash their third album on the public which is called “American Capitalist” and the first single being unveiled to the masses comes with “Under And Over It”. With the song rising the ranks on the Active Rock charts I felt it’s a good idea to let you readers know what we are in store for. Here we go.
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Five Finger Death Punch @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza (10/23/2008)

“The Way Of The Fist” is an exciting Metal album from an equally exciting band called Five Finger Death Punch. The band has seen their own popularity rise over the last few months and was now bringing an energetic show to the Big Apple with special guest openers In This Moment and Bury Your Dead. We were on point to report on the performance and made sure to shoot a lot of photos for those fans of the live scene. To learn more about this gig just scroll past the logo below to see our narrative.

Logo - Five Finger Death Punch

Artist: Five Finger Death Punch
Venue: Fillmore NY (New York, NY)
Opener: In This Moment, Bury Your Dead
Date: 10/23/2008
Label: Firm Music

Five Finger Death Punch has been taking no prisoners with their debut CD “The Way Of The Fist’ since it was released and that is never a bad thing to find happening for a new band. The CD is an aggressive Heavy Metal recording with lots of great guitars, thundering drum patterns and easy to get into choruses. They were moving steadily along with the album but their appearance on the Family Values tour of 2007 with Korn, Evanescence, Trivium, Hellyeah and Flyleaf seemed to seal the deal in their rising popularity. Having missed that particular tour I was happy to be able to be a part of the action that was going on in NYC this evening. My night had already started out well since it was CMJ week and I had attended a gathering of the areas industry folks and was treated to some new live Metal and Hard Rock from both Autumn Black and Ionia. Of course, that is an entirely different report on the site, so look for that should you want the scoop about that part of the day. Now it was over to the Fillmore NY to see this high energy band that had wisely brought along those other rising stars of In This Moment along with them. The lead off band would be Bury Your Dead and here is how the night progressed.
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“The Way Of The Fist” (Special Edition) by Five Finger Death Punch

Artist: Five Finger Death Punch
Title: “The Way Of The Fist”
Label: Firm Music
Release Date: 7/31/2007
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

I loved what I heard on the debut by Five Finger Death Punch and stated my views on the release “The Way Of The Fist” when it first hit the streets so I must admit to a little confusion when I learned that the band would be re-releasing the record with a few bonus tracks. Given I made my position clear on the initial recording I have copied my thoughts below for a reminder and then after them have added comments related to the bonus tracks.

“When a band is going by a name as intense as Five Finger Death Punch you have to hope that they are going to be a no-nonsense approach to Heavy Metal music and not some run of the mill, derivative, been there, done that sort of group. Luckily, everyone who decides to take their chances on FFDP is in for a very rocking surprise. The band takes its name from the killing blow delivered by The Bride in Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill 2”, and don’t ask me why but the move very simply works as a band name as well. Fronted by singer Ivan Moody, the vocals at times sound a little like Tool’s Maynard, as he blends an atmospheric melodic vocal with guttural growling and takes the songs in multiple directions as a result. The powerhouse quintet was assembled by Euro-Metal veteran Zoltan Bathory, their guitarist, who presents a no-nonsense approach to the music that is able to be enjoyed by a wider demographic of Metal fans. If you like thundering double bass drums, its here, if you like tuned down guitar shredding, its here, if you want heavy, its here and memorable choruses, well I believe you get the point. The action packed listen is only ten-songs long but there isn’t a bad tune on the disk and it starts you off with “Ashes”, a tune that after a shouting count of some kind determines to kick your ass from here to next Sunday. “The Way Of The Fist” seems to set the bands premise of defiance and standing up for oneself in the face of trouble. It has a really angry verse part and the overall melody is destined to inspire either a circle pit or some really intense fist throwing. Joining Bathory and Moody in the group are Jeremy Spencer (drums), Matt Snell (bass), and Darrell Roberts (guitars). Roberts comes from one of the many incarnations of W.A.S.P. while Snell was the bassist for Anubis Rising. Spencer is the creator of “Drums From Hell: The Extreme Metal Loops” CD, and based on the playing this guy does on the album you can tell that he really knows his stuff.
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