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Ghost Will Summon The Flock For “Unholy/Unplugged” Tour 2015

Attention minions of the flock. It was just a little while ago when my websites email account started acting up and seemed to grow increasingly darker and darker with the only message shining clear through the din was the one from the High Council regarding activities with the spooktacular Ghost. According to these writings, the group will introduce the North American territories to their new singer Papa Emeritus III by paying visit to several record outlets. New music will be performed to help increase your darker desires and there will be the chance to have a brief audience with the band as you graciously hand over money for their new masterpiece. Check out the poster and the official press release below.

Tour - Ghost - Unplugged - 2015

The Press Release:
LINKÖPING, SWEDEN – AUGUST 10, 2015 – Ghost have been summoned stateside for a procession christened the Unholy/Unplugged Tour. The five-city outing will take Papa Emeritus III and his nameless ghouls to some of the nation’s most highly regarded record selling institutions. Blessed attendees will enjoy a rare stripped down acoustic live performance of new songs followed by a signing of their new album Meliora. The occasion will mark Papa Emeritus III’s inaugural visit to the United States. See below for complete details.
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“Unplugged” by Trouble

Artist: Trouble
Title: “Unplugged”
Label: Trouble, Inc.
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Acoustic Doom
Rating: 3.5/5

Fans of the legendary Doom Metal band Trouble will really enjoy some of the latest releases that come to us from under the bands own power and the first of these would be their “Unplugged” release. The thirty minute collection of six songs brings you to a different side of the Doom band’s sound because while acoustic in design there is still a trademark bit of darkness apparent on the album. It’s not often that one hears a crushing Doom outfit doing their thing with acoustic guitar, piano and minimal drums but yet Trouble manages to make this work out very well. They start out with a new number called “7:00am” which is a pleasant track that has a smooth groove to it. Singer Eric Wagner’s signature voice works well within this context of singing and he keeps it very mellow and understated for much of the album. “Rain” sounded excellent and was quite the somber track that while playing the listener can almost envision a slow and steady storm taking place during as the band performs. Drummer Jeff Olson delivers some tasty piano during this one as well and it is perhaps my second favorite from the CD. “Smile” was another new one and this was very upbeat and perhaps just a little too much so considering we are dealing with a Doom band but in the end it worked out well for them and shows that not all things need to be dismal. “Flowers” and “Requiem” are more acoustic re-workings of their older tracks as is the CD’s closing tune and while I liked them, I had to say that this was the one I was the most curious about. “Misery” is rather interesting when being done in this fashion and while slightly mellower than the original it still packs quite the punch. Trouble acolytes will remember this one as being called “The Misery Shows” on the album that was simply titled “Trouble”. Hopefully you readers have that one in your collection somewhere as over the years it has proven to be very difficult to find.
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“MTV Unplugged” by Korn

Artist: Korn
Title: “Unplugged”
Label: Virgin Records
Release Date: 3/6/2007
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

If you have listened to Korn in the past then you know full well the level of angst-ridden Nu Metal that they are capable of. Now captured in the ever-popular unplugged format that MTV launched we find the band changing things up a little bit as they present an entirely different sound to their established tunes. I admit that I was unsure how this would actually work because Korn music is on the aggressive and angry side for the most part. However with the unplugged versions we find singer Jonathan Davis keeping himself a little more sedate and calmer than many of his fans ever would expect him. His pitch does raise up as needed for the choruses of songs like “Falling Away From Me” and “Freak On A Leash” of course but primarily he keeps his vocals very understated. As far as concerts like this go there are some surprises to be found for the listener and the first such instance comes in the presence of Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanescence, who helps out with “FOAL”. I don’t know how she became involved in this performance and wondered if it was primarily because of her popularity with her main band as opposed to any other reason. She does add some nice high notes to the track just the same. Can an Evanescence Unplugged be far behind I am left wondering. The next surprise is their cover of the Radiohead classic “Creep” which Davis dedicates to all the kids and adults who had ever been picked on in life. They do a good job of it but I always prefer the original to any other presentation when it comes to this song as no one seems to capture it as good as Radiohead did.
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