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“The Unholy Alliance: Preaching To The Perverted” by Slayer

Artist: Slayer
Title: “The Unholy Alliance: Preaching To The Perverted”
Label: American Recordings
Release Date: 10/30/2007
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

“The Unholy Alliance” Tour in 2006 would be a concert for the record books as it not only gave you the legendary and crushing might of Slayer as the evenings headliner but it also brought the audience four other bands that are truly worthy of attention as well. It would be during this tour that Thine Eyes Bleed, Children Of Bodom, Mastodon and Lamb Of God all stood together with the legends of Thrash Metal in order to show you how they took care of business in the genre. This DVD celebrates a small portion of the tour by bringing you front and center for seventeen of the evenings performed tunes. The release is only one DVD which I think was a mistake given the amount of Metal that gets left off as a result of this. Had they issued this as a double disc set there would have been much more room afforded to the other bands than we end up seeing. Obviously the larger scope of focus is on Slayer and rightly so since it was their tour when it came down to it. The mighty ones get a full ten songs and this was actually a large part of the bands set during these shows. Despite the heavy count from Slayer the rest of the selections remain rather random in terms of the bands. We only get one track from Thine Eyes Bleed and since they were the first group I was not too put off by that but I really would have liked to see more of what they could do.
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