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“The Least Worst Of” by Type O Negative

Artist: Type-O-Negative
Title: “The Least Worst Of”
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 10/31/2000
Genre: Gothic Metal
Rating: 8/10

The 2000 release of “The Least Worst Of” would be an interesting collection for the existing fans of Type-O-Negative. It’s existence defied the conventions of a typical “hits” package as the band was never considered a hit-maker by any standards and they only received a small amount of airplay on stations catering to Heavy Rock or Metal. The legion of followers however was the type of audience that would support the shows and purchase anything that the band released. Based on this demographic it did not seem prudent to be issuing an album full of songs that they already had; the chance was that this would remain unsold on the shelves. The answer to this would be the decision to include alternate versions of the songs they had heard as well as a couple of songs that were unreleased and very simply this allowed the album to work on a number of levels. Given “Misinterpretation” is dead air; the time could have been better used by one of the sound effect lead-ins that the band has been known to do, but otherwise the music truly begins with “Everyone I Love Is Dead”. Joining it would be “Everything Dies” also from the amazing “World Coming Down” album and the better of the two tracks. “Unsuccessfully Coping” is the earliest track representation of the band, and of course the most raw and in your face both sonically and verbally. The song holds a strong resemblance to the sound of Peter’s previous band Carnivore. From there the other albums receive a decent showing with the most popular tracks of “October Rust” appearing (Love You To Death and My Girlfriends Girlfriend) while “Cinnamon Girl” receives an almost industrial makeover. “Hey Pete” is a fun re-do of the Hendrix classic but seems out of place from the faux live album that it originally appeared on.
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