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ZO2 @ The Canal Room (5/22/2007)

ZO2 is a hard rocking band that I have enjoyed for a couple of years now. Largely an independent group, the band was throwing a party to celebrate their association with Riker Hill Records. I had been invited based on my earlier support of their music and for also being the writer of a rather positive review for Metal Edge Magazine. The show was a blast and also featured Craving Lucy and should you want to see more just scroll past the logo below. The festivities while documented by me feature the stellar photography of Peter Parrella.

Artist: ZO2
Venue: The Canal Room (New York, NY)
Opener: Craving Lucy
Date: 5/22/2007
Label: Riker Hill Records

The New York City Rockers Z02 has reason to celebrate and this is primarily due to their association with the newly launched label Riker Hill Records. If you have ever seen ZO2 perform live in the past you know that they take their Rock & Roll seriously, and now under the watchful eyes of Riker Hill the road for possibility seems to be that much more promising. Tonight we would have the honor of attending the label’s launch party that would be held at The Canal Room. It would be our first adventure to this noticeably stylish venue and while I hade heard about Quiet Riot recently performing here we did not get to that one. This chance to not only enjoy some great music but also a new place would turn this into a special treat all around. As a venue it is decently sized and offers a nice floor area for those that want to be up close and personal to the bands; it also has a great amount of tables and seating for those wishing to chill out and rock at the same time. The room this evening would be filled with label representatives and well-wishers, family, friends and several media representatives tossed in for good measure. Here are our thoughts on the night and the bands that performed.
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