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“CBGB OMFUG Masters: Live 2/3/03, The Bowery Collection” by The Queers

Artist: The Queers
Title: “CBGB OMFUG Masters: Live 2/3/03, The Bowery Collection”
Label: MVD Audio
Release Date: 5/13/2008
Genre: Punk Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

Since 1982, the Punk Rock band known as The Queers have been entertaining the dedicated fans of their brand of Surf Punk meets Pop Punk and this live CD appropriately titled “Live at C.B.G.B.’s” captures them in action on the stage at the now extinct but still legendary Punk Rock club. The recording presents the bands full set according to its liner notes and since it runs some thirty one numbers I am quick to believe this to be true as Joe Queer and company deliver quick paced riffs and drumming that makes the couch potato listener want to jump out of their seats and dance. If you like The Queers sound then you will love this but if you don’t “get them”, then this is not recommended because much of the bands repertoire follows a similar vibe and songs tend to run right into the next one with often only a quick “1-2-3-4” ala The Ramones offering you any separation or distinction. I was never more than the casual fan myself, but I did enjoy the chance to have so many of their tunes on one CD and done live as this becomes the perfect release to load onto ones music player and take on the road with you. The recording captured the band during their show on February 3rd, 2003 and while this is a couple of different lineups into the bands career, the main man is still present and holding the banner of their musical style proud. Some of the highlights on the quality recording come via the bands cover of the Ramones classic “Rockaway Beach” which is their opener and “Surf Goddess”, and their crowd pleaser “Ursula Finally Has Tits”, which I understand is an actual homage to a fan that followed them for a long time and well, you can figure out the rest behind that one. From beginning to end the gig sounded like a lot of fun and one that is probably fondly remembered by anyone who was in attendance.
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“Munki Brain” by The Queers

Artist: The Queers
Title: “Munki Brain”
Label: Asian Man
Release Date: February 6, 2007
Genre: Punk
Rating: 4/5

If you’d consider yourself a garden-variety metalhead, the Queers may not be what you’re looking for but they’re certainly a hell of a lot of fun. Ostensibly a punk band, they wear their heavy surf and Ramones influence flagrantly on their sleeves, serving up latter day, lighthearted twang charmers that are even suitable for your little ones to rock out to. (I played this for my adorable three-year-old niece, Cleonir-Rose, and she loved it, although her mom balked at the one dropping of an “F-bomb” that I’d forgotten about. Yeah, forgotten…)
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