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Fates Warning Announces Summer 2017 Tour

Fans of the Progressive Metal legends that is Fates Warning will surely be interested in their latest announcement about the upcoming tour. Check it out below and then I’ll return with some additional thoughts.

The Press Release:
U.S. Progressive Metal pioneers FATES WARNING continue to tour in support of their much praised latest release “Theories Of Flight” and are now announcing a first run of dates for the album in North America in June. FATES WARNING vocalist Ray Alder checked in with the following comment:

“We are very excited to finally announce the first leg of the US tour for ‘Theories Of Flight’. We know that this news has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here and we are ready to once again hit the States in support of a new album. The European tour was amazing, and we are anticipating nothing less from our home crowd. We can’t wait to see our fans again. Get your tickets now. Thank you all!”

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Dream Theater @ PNC Bank Arts Center (8/24/2007)

You cannot help but be awed by the band Dream Theater who are still delivering quality Progressive Metal after two decades in the business. Their latest album was called “Systematic Chaos” and the tour to support it featured both Redemption and Into Eternity. We made our way to the PNC Bank Arts Center to see it and should you want to know more just scroll on down below to continue.

Logo - Dream Theater

Artist: Dream Theater
Venue: PNC Bank Arts Center (Holmdel, NJ)
Opener: Into Eternity, Redemption
Date: 8/24/2007
Label: Roadrunner Records

When we last caught Dream Theater it was in celebration of their 20th Anniversary and the whole majesty of that tours’ finale was captured on a live CD & DVD recorded at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. You can check out “Score” when you have a chance and that’s a solid recommendation without a doubt and a must have for any discerning DT fan. Tonight the band was closing out the first leg of their tour supporting the newest CD “Systematic Chaos”, which is also was the bands debut on Roadrunner Records. The album has been receiving lots of positive praise and shows that the Progressive Rockers are not out of ideas by a long shot. Based on my knowledge of the disk I was certain that this was going to be exciting material in the live sense so the show tonight at New Jersey’s PNC Bank Arts Center was an event that I was looking forward to very much. This time around there would be some differences with the most apparent being the show was NOT “An Evening with Dream Theater” but instead a show that found the band bringing two opening acts on the road with them. The lucky bands for the tour would be Century Media Records own Into Eternity and InsideOut Music’s Redemption. This was a great gig for both of the bands but I have to admit that I was a little surprised about the order that these two openers would be appearing for the attending crowd. It seemed as though Into Eternity was first up and this bothered me since the band has been assaulting the Metal senses of fans in America with a constant level of touring for the past two years. They hit the stage promptly and I was missing the first couple of numbers based on security not letting me inside the venue since the camera stuff needed to be cleared. The guys would do a very short set and at this particular event there were not as many people watching them as I would have liked to see.
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“Live In Athens” by Fates Warning

Artist: Fates Warning
Title: “Live In Athens”
Label: InsideOut Music
Release Date: 11/22/2005
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 7/10

Fates Warning has long been referred to as one of the first bands to venture in the realm of Metal and Progressive Music. While then ground was laid first by Rush and carried strong by Queensryche, it seemed that Fates Warning kept a lot more of their Metal core and introduced more and more progressive feels as they went forward. “Awaken The Guardian” is still revered to this day and while the group has had numerous lineup changes since that time and their release of “X” they still prove to be a group with staying power and musical efficiency. This concert performance (filmed in Athens in early 2005) shows the current lineup performing a great selection of their material from across the years. The early fans of the John Arch era material might balk somewhat at the complete lack of any of these songs from this time period but there is still enough music included that I feel most supporters of the band could enjoy. Many reviews I have seen described the small stage setting but to me it seemed fine as I had once seen the band perform set up in small confines in Manhattan clubs of the past. There is not much visually to this group anyway and it’s more about the music they are delivering. Sound and production of the DVD is excellent as far as the audio goes with the band sounding tight and on the money. Ray Alder truly shines vocally and is up on the list with Progressive giants of today in my opinion. Visually this left me a little wanting based more on the camera angles being mostly close-ups or pan outs. The only member from the bands original lineup is Jim Matheos who is joined by Alder (vocals), Joey Vera (bass) formerly of Anthrax and Armored Saint. Nick D’Virgilio (drums) from Spock’s Beard and Frank Aresti (guitar). Musically this is a great front line and as you watch them perform you see them doing so in relative ease. That’s the sign of professionals when it looks easy. Of the included selections the material from the last album is done particularly well and should send people looking into this among other releases. “Simple Human” is great as is “Another Perfect Day”.
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