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Between The Buried and Me Announce “Colors” Ten Year Anniversary Tour

As I’ve got too much on the creative docket today I cannot offer up much more than a simple “hey look it’s another awesome tour” as my preamble to the news at hand and with that said please dig into the official press copy, poster and rundown of dates for the BTBAM “Colors” Ten Year Anniversary Tour. Here we go.

The Press Release:
To celebrate the ten year anniversary of their classic album, Colors, Between The Buried And Me will embark on a special tour this September/October, which will see the band perform the record in its entirety! Dubbed the “Colors Ten Year Anniversary Tour”, the trek also features The Contortionist, Polyphia, and Toothgrinder as support.

Between The Buried And Me comments: “‘Colors’ was our statement of rebellion. We were challenging how others identified us in the context of heavy metal, and ultimately we were challenging how we identified ourselves. It was some kind of musical manifesto, in which we found new purpose and direction simply by throwing caution to the wind and purging every ounce of creative energy we had, regardless of how unhinged it may have seemed at the time. Ten years have passed and we are lucky enough to be able to play this album from front to back on stage for our amazing fans. See you all soon!”
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“The Best Of” by Between The Buried and Me

Artist: Between The Buried and Me
Title: “The Best Of”
Label: Victory Records
Release Date: 3/29/2011
Genre: Progressive Metalcore
Rating: 3/5

It’s no secret that Between The Buried And Me have moved on from the Victory Records roster of artists and are now settled comfortably over at Metal Blade Records. Usually when dramatic changes like this happen for a band, the previous label dishes out one last release for the fans to get their hands on and we often find them being either a live concert recording or a comprehensive collection of the bands work that was done under their brand. With Between The Buried and Me we would find the latter being the case and while many “reviewers” are shitting on Victory Records with outcries of this being a “cash grab”, I maintain that such a release is entirely within their rights to give us as fans. In terms of its content the album touches upon the bands amazing “Colors” release and its subsequent live album from the tour along with “The Silent Circus” and “The Great Misdirect” but nothing seems to come from “The Anatomy Of” which was their album of covers and that is a shame since what I have heard sure sounded interesting. These selections are delivered across two CD’s while an accompanying DVD gives you some of the bands videos. The main and most glaring problem with the release is that Between The Buried and Me are not a band that one can sit and listen to one song of and get a general perspective about their capabilities. Yes the band manages to shine on their tracks but given their Progressive Metal nature and how their music adventures seamlessly from one tune to the next in almost a sequential pattern, it is really tricky to think that this can make anyone a new fan. Of course I could be wrong about this, and perhaps those who end up listening to the album will be inspired to purchase the full releases. I’d like to think that this is the case scenario. If it’s not, I suggest fans first look into the album “Colors” which was my own introduction to the group and an experience that found me becoming a supporter of their musical adventures going forward. I left my rating of the release in the middle ground of not great but also not terrible. Let’s discuss the DVD inclusion for a moment.
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