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“World War Live: Battle Of The Baltic Sea” by Sabaton

Artist: Sabaton
Title: “World War Live: Battle Of The Baltic Sea”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 9/13/2011
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 5/5

Should I lie to you and say how I have been following this band for years or should I fess up and say that it wasn’t until about two years ago from this point in my writing it down that I had never even heard of Sabaton before. I’ll go with the “honesty is the best policy” road even though its slightly embarrassing to admit based on my always considering myself up on a dozen or more bands that my circle of friends have no clue about. In my defense it is not hard to have found the band eluding me based on the fact that they had never even been to our region for any touring until the Evergrey tour of 2011 where they were direct support. I apologize if they played a one-off festival appearance that I didn’t know about but I am speaking of a full on focused invasion for the larger Metal masses to take a part in. I caught the Evergrey tour and really wanted to see Sabaton and after their set I remember being stunned and impressed more than I had ever expected. I wondered where this band had been all my life because it was just so on point. They returned in early 2012 but I will speak about that later, right now I want to focus on the outstanding double CD live release called “World War Live: The Battle Of The Baltic Sea”. The live album is the bands first in their career and this might surprise their legacy fans because the group has been around since 1999 and have released six full length albums. The release is special because it first delivers the bands entire set from the Sabaton cruise while the second CD gives you selections from across the bands European Tour. Both were done in 2010 so this is a very recent presentation of the band and not something that leaves you wondering how they sound “now” as opposed to the way “that they used to”.
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