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“Out Here All Night” by Damone

Artist: Damone
Title: “Out Here All Night”
Label: Island Records
Release Date: 5/23/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

It only takes a couple of minutes into your first spin of the Damone CD “Out Here All Night” to realize that you are onto something special and pure with this group. The hard rocking outfit is fronted by Noelle LeBlanc who truly brings back memories of a young Joan Jett with her rocker style and ability to snare you instantly with her voice. Before I had this CD I had caught the band performing live with The 69 Eyes and while I normally don’t focus on the support acts as much as the main band something about how they were bringing it on during the show kept my attention and soon found me rocking with the people around me. That’s the sure sign of a good band if they win you over immediately at a live show and I was impressed since all of their material was pretty new to my ears. The music on the CD is along the same lines and able to convince the listener that some cool stuff is going on from its opening. “Now Is The Time” has a semi-Pop groove and a really melodic Noelle vocal but there are some riffs and double bass drumming that show they like their Metal just as much as the next band. Mega track “Out Here All Night” comes up next and it is definitely one of the most driving tracks on the release and the group even found it featured on the soundtracks for “Madden 2007” and “Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam”. Having this kind of buzz aimed at a core demographic is a definite help in a bands quest for greatness.
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The 69 Eyes @ The Bowery Ballroom (3/5/2006)

Logo - The 69 Eyes

Artist: The 69 Eyes
Venue: Bowery Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Damone,
Date: 3/6/2006
Label: 456 Entertainment

Gothic Rock & Roll would make a triumphant and long overdue visit to New York City as The 69 Eyes arrived on our shores for the very first time in their career as a band. Singer Jyrki69 has long been an admirer of the “New York Scene” and sounds from the seventies and eighties and from them formed the band that we are finally able to enjoy for ourselves. Hailing from Finland the guys in the group take a far different approach to their music and instead of blistering displays of Power Metal, have brought a more streetwise sound that has influence in the Rock greats of the past. The 69 Eyes have more in common with KISS and The New York Dolls than they do with Nightwish and Sonata Arctica and give the whole thing a dark monster movie feel. The scene for tonight would be the Bowery Ballroom and this great venue with its capacity of almost 600 was crowded but not over-packed. While I had hoped for sold-out status I still felt this was great for the band, as with the newest album “Devils” hitting our shores only recently it would still be a round of positives. Having reviewed the album and knowing a handful of numbers previously this would not be a night of confusion in terms of the material. I was happy to have the heads up advantage.
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