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Judas Priest’s Rob Halford CD/DVD Signing in NYC @ J&R Music World

If you have been a fan of Heavy Metal for any number of years then it is without question that you already know about Rob Halford, the legendary lead singer for the equally legendary Judas Priest. Their music has defined a generation of Metal music and formed its fanbase to record proportions. As a member of The Priest, Halford has recorded some of the genres most popular anthems and off the top of my head the ones that everyone seems to key into are “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'”, “Breaking The Law”, “Living After Midnight” and “Hell Bent For Leather”. There’s a ton more and I know that I am annoying my fellow Judas Priest acolytes by leaving some “signature” tunes out, but this is just a musing and not a complete recap of the band’s history or their overall discography. After almost two decades with the group Halford decided to move on and front a band of his own design. The parting from Priest found him forming the band Fight, who were a brutalizing quintet when it came down to it. With Fight the singer would record two albums War Of Words and A Small Deadly Space. From Fight he would record with Trent Reznor under the moniker Two but this effort was very ill-recieved since it was not what the larger fan base had expected to come from The Metal God. When he had finished his plans with Two he jumped right back into the fray of Metal by forming and fronting a band very aptly labeled – HALFORD. These albums kicked new levels of ass for the singer and we would get two studio releases and a live album (Resurrection, Crucible, & Live Insurrection). The reception to Rob Halford’s revisit to Metal was met with great response and while we all anxiously awaited another studio album the news came in that he had reunited with his former band Judas Priest and a tour would be among the first things planned. The rest is pretty much recent music history with the exception of the fact that in late 2007 he would launch his own label imprint “Metal God Entertainment” and with this we would see a lot of great surprises released.

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