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“Ayin Aleph I” by Ayin Aleph

Artist: Ayin Aleph
Title: “Ayin Aleph I”
Label: Invencis Records
Release Date: 11/4/2008
Genre: Gothic Metal/Experimental
Rating: 2/5

I’m generally the type of music fan who considers themselves as open to many different facets of the heavy music genre as possible and yet despite this viewpoint there are occasionally those releases which manage to confuse me just a little bit. This happened to me when I placed the CD “Ayin Aleph I” by the Gothic Metal chanteuse Alyin Aleph in my player but before I go any further let’s talk a little about Ayin herself to gain a better understanding about what she is doing. The singer/composer was born and raised in Moscow and has been playing piano since the age of four. She clearly has an incredible voice based on the compositions on the album, but she also does a lot of weird tricks with it and goes from guttural growls to almost childlike whispers and even comes off as different people during the same song at times. There is a lot of use of high falsettos and then deep ominous lows that for me take away from what she is trying to do because I would have preferred to hear how she did the conventional Symphonic Metal thing since she definitely appeared to have the talent to lay that down properly. The numerous different aspects of her voice made this a rather confusing listen for me, but I could clearly be in the minority here. The band is solid and based on the way she plays with her voice in an almost random manner on each track you might feel that the music is uneven from what she is doing against the musicians, but in the end she seems to be doing this on purpose and has constructed the tune in this fashion.
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