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DC Comics “The New 52” First Issues: “Superman” Titles

As previously blogged about in the PiercingMetal Musings; DC Comics recently re-launched a number of titles and started them off from issue #1 under the branding of “The New 52”. The initiative’s prime objective being to up the number of titles available each month and to offer new readers an easier chance to jump on board with their characters. New costumes and beginnings are par for the course with the reboot but a number of the company’s most historic moments shall remain unaffected. The New 52 appears to have segmented the titles into a number of different groups based on the relation of the character – for instance there is a Superman and Batman grouping to enjoy and each title relates directly to the character. From these segments I have opted to share my thoughts on the first issues for your reading pleasure. In similar fashion to the Green Lantern titles, Superman also gets four new titles which find half directly aimed at him and the remaining two at the other most known super beings. The titles are Action Comics, Superman, Superboy and Supergirl. Here are my thoughts on the first issues. Continue reading DC Comics “The New 52” First Issues: “Superman” Titles