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“Icon” by Queen

Artist: Queen
Title: “Icon”
Label: Hollywood Records
Release Date: 6/11/2013
Genre: Rock
Rating: 4.25/5

Every now and again I like to toss thoughts together when a compilation package is released that could add some value to the potentially new or growing music fan in your own personal world. After all, any diehard of bands like KISS, Iron Maiden and now Queen, seem to have all of the albums and tracks that are needed in their own musical collections so these “Icon” issues are generally not something that we as ardent fans might not jump to. With that being said they do still serve a great purpose and amount to good presents for the younger set who are learning to appreciate such classic tunes by legendary artists. Such was the case that I found with the recently released Queen issue in the form of “Icon” which delivers eleven tunes from the bands truly massive repertoire. I’ll keep this one short and say that there does not appear to be a throwaway track on the issue.
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“Rock Montreal & Live Aid” by Queen

Artist: Queen
Title: “Rock Montreal & Live Aid”
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 10/30/2007
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4.5/5

Queen “Rock Montreal” was originally the big screen presentation called “We Will Rock You”, which was a concert film that captured the legendary group in performance back in 1981 during their tour for “The Game”. It was eventually issued on DVD but according to research that was just a straight VHS to DVD transfer and now in this release has been cleaned up even more and given a once over in terms of sound and overall quality. Surely those who owned the original are going to have a higher level of enjoyment going on because of this upgrade. With “Queen – Rock Montreal” it wouldn’t end there because in addition to the top notch performance footage that brings the concert to life right in your living room you are also getting the full performance from the Live Aid concert. This 1985 feature makes up the main portion of the second DVD in the set so we shall examine both of them accordingly. Let’s set our sights on Montreal for the first part of our walk down memory lane with this amazing band.
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