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“Metal Allegiance” by Metal Allegiance

CD - Metal Allegiance - Metal Allegiance

The debut album by Metal Allegiance arrives today care of Nuclear Blast Records and features Mike Portnoy, Phil Anselmo, Alex Skolnick, Dave Ellefson and many, many more. You can order a copy via the link below.

Def Leppard’s “On Through The Night” Still Driving At 35 Years

Just a quick break from the everything else that is going on here at the PiercingMetal Command HQ to raise a few pairs of horns in honor of the Def Leppard debut album “On Through The Night” based on its being released thirty five years ago today. Now historically speaking in terms of my own Hard Rock and Metal years at the time, I was not following the band at the time of their debut. My own first go at them would come with the “High And Dry” album based on the song “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak” being in semi-regular rotation on the radio stations that played heavy music and of course the U68 video channel. As I think about that song, I think I also saw it a lot on MTV since the fledgling music video network was giving those who had it a solid introduction to bands like this but I digress. Despite the late introduction to the band I clearly remember heading into the West Village of NYC to scour the record shops because one of the girls in our circle was looking for one of the bands 12” releases and would not sleep until she found it. There were about five of us tagging along and she was very easy on the eye with her rocking self so there were no complaints from us lads as we walked up and down street after street. At one of these shops I picked up my own copy of “On Through The Night” and mostly because I had to learn the tunes “Wasted” and “Hello America” to jam with some other musicians who entertained playing it in a band. The cover of this album always made me smile since it was a great image of a truck hauling a guitar in the night sky. It reminded me a little of the Heavy Metal Magazine kind of stuff and that was a science fiction magazine that had nothing to do with music in case you wondered. Now let’s take a look at the complete track list from the album and pick up again after that.
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Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath” Debut; 45 Years Of Heavy Metal Influence (1970-2015)

Artist: Black Sabbath
Title: “Black Sabbath”
Label: Vertigo Records
Release Date: 2/13/1970
Genre: Heavy Metal/Blues Hard Rock

Logo - Black Sabbath

I could think of no better present on a Friday the 13th than to share with the heavy music fans of the world the news that Black Sabbath’s own debut (and self-titled) release “Black Sabbath” is having its 45th Anniversary today. The phrase “It Begins Here” was never truer based on so very many listeners viewing this as the crushing beginning of the Heavy Metal sound. It was different from the type of Rock that bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Cream had delivered before them and while holding some similar roots in the Blues area with a little more amplitude, the stuff that Sabbath delivered on this debut was much heavier, darker and had numerous ominous and occult references. Just look at how it began in the title track of “Black Sabbath” and you quickly see the sinister tone that the band was out to deliver to their fans and whoever might take a chance on it.
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Judas Priest’s “Rocka Rolla” Serving The Hard Rock For 40 Years (1974-2014)

Raise the glasses my Metal friends because today is a monumental occasion for sure as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of an album called “Rocka Rolla” which is the very release by the mighty Judas Priest. Now I will admit that I did NOT purchase this when it came out since I was not actually in the consumer age group at the time and I wouldn’t actually hear this specific work on LP until 1980 or 1981 so my reflections about it come from that particular time. I also don’t really get into the hard core production aesthetics of the release since so much of that is documented with finesse on the albums official Wikipedia entry. These are aimed at my own impressions on the work when I first got to absorb it and now back to the task at hand. The album “Rocka Rolla” is a very interesting one in Judas Priests history because not only is it their first but it’s also not quite a Metal album. Yes there are moments that surely “rock” across its contents, but overall the album is very steeped in Hard Rock, Blues and even bears some Psycehedelic elements. I was the kid on my block that got the others around him to listen to Judas Priest and with that influence created a certain fanaticism in one of them as he became the absolute diehard who sought out all of their past works. I began my own Priest journey with “Hell Bent For Leather” and “Stained Class” and from there I went backward. Now back to the debut.
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W.A.S.P.’s Debut “W.A.S.P.”: “Still Stinging Strong @ 30 Years”

One of the things that I love doing with these Music Milestones is to not only celebrate the longevity of these albums but also get to showcase the ones that were so instrumental in my own Metal upbringing. Such is the case found in the realization that W.A.S.P.’s self-titled debut album had reached its thirtieth anniversary today.

My own personal music journey into what W.A.S.P. was all about was based upon first reading about them in one of the popular music publications of the time. I think it might have actually been Hit Parader based on their having an up and coming sort of column but my memory is slightly faded on whether it was this or Circus. At the time I rarely read anything other than those two magazines. Anyway, they were described as being even wilder than Motley Crue who I was really enjoying and to outdo them seemed to be something that I needed to indulge in. During my lunch breaks I used to walk up to Park Row in Manhattan to hit both J&R Music World and a smaller place called Bondy’s. It was in Bondy’s that I first caught site of the bands EP “Animal, F**k Like A Beast” and I grabbed it. Once home and blasting it to my parent’s dismay, I could not wait for more from this really aggressive and over the top obnoxious Metal band. My fellow fans and I would get the chance when this album was released and while I don’t recall purchasing this on the actual day, it was not long afterward that I would own it and blast it at high volumes. For those new to the program, W.A.S.P. was founded and fronted by their at the time bassist Blackie Lawless who also did all the lead vocals. On guitars we had both Randy Piper and Chris Holmes while Tony Richards pounded the drums. Lawless was the writer on a majority of the tunes on the debut with the exception of “The Flame” and “The Torture Never Stops” that found Holmes being a major contributor.
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