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“Coverta” by Adrenaline Mob

Artist: Adrenaline Mob
Title: “Coverta”
Label: Elm City Music
Release Date: 3/12/2013
Genre: Heavy Metal/Groove Metal
Rating: 4/5

I’ll start by hoping that you already know a little bit about the band Adrenaline Mob, and if not this is the high-energy Groove Metal band originally formed by Russell Allen and Mike Orlando that also features both Mike Portnoy and John Moyer. Last year they released their debut album “Omerta” and now have given us an album of cover songs that goes under the clever title of “Coverta”. There. You are all caught up with us so let’s discuss “Coverta” which is by the way an album of cover tunes. Now I am sure that an EP of this kind might surprise some new folks to the band because it is their second release, but its existence will be something that the more tenured fans are welcoming with open arms based on the fact that the band is known for doing some covers during the context of a live show. I’ve seen them in action twice since this lineup was fashioned and can honestly say that they do this for the love of the bands being covered more than a need for set filler. Now let’s talk a little bit about what they opted to deliver on “Coverta”.
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